“Full right to fight against terrorists”. Denkov expressed support for Israel to Netanyahu

“Full right to fight against terrorists”. Denkov expressed support for Israel to Netanyahu
“Full right to fight against terrorists”. Denkov expressed support for Israel to Netanyahu

The prime minister Nikolay Denkov expressed support for Israel in its fight against Hamas, declared a terrorist organization by the EU and the US. He did so during a visit to Jerusalem on Monday, where he met with Israel’s president Isaac Herzog and with the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Denkov is accompanied by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Gabriel. Their visit comes a month after the paramilitary group Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, killing 1,400 people and kidnapping more than 200. Israel subsequently declared war on Hamas. Since then, the Israeli army has been conducting shelling and ground operations in the Gaza Strip.

“Israel and the Israeli people have our full support, we are with you,” said Nikolay Denkov.

“We are all shocked by the terrorist attacks that have killed so many innocent people, and it is extremely important that all hostages are released as soon as possible,” he added.

In front of the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog Denkov indicated that Bulgaria would provide humanitarian support to the country with everything necessary, including the sending of medical specialists.

“You have every right to fight against terrorists, because what they did is unimaginable. Hamas and its entire military and administrative structure must be eradicated, because otherwise there will be no lasting peace,” Denkov said.

Nikolay Denkov met with Isaac Herzog in Jerusalem, November 6, 2023.

Herzog and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked him for his support.

“You express to a great extent also our position that we are waging not only our war, but we are waging the battle of civilization against barbarism. If civilization fails, barbarism will. This is what we see in the 21st century. This is not only our battle, but yours as well battle,” Netanyahu said.

Denkov also met with relatives of kidnapped citizens in the Gaza Strip. About 200 people continue to be held hostage by Hamas in territory controlled by the group.

A few days ago, the first foreigners, including 36 Bulgarians, managed to leave the Strip through the only border crossing – Rafah. The first Bulgarian citizens from the group arrived in Sofia on Friday evening.

The Israeli army is currently carrying out massive strikes and ground operations in Gaza. According to the authorities, the victims there are already exceeding 10,000 souls. At the end of October, the UN called for a humanitarian truce in its resolution.

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