Family Wars: Elitza and Alexa vs. Will Games – Curious

Family Wars: Elitza and Alexa vs. Will Games – Curious
Family Wars: Elitza and Alexa vs. Will Games – Curious

A lexa and Elitsa are one of the star couples of season 4 of “Games of Will”, and Alexa also became the winner of the same season of the reality show of the same name.

He participated in a casting battle and officially won his spot on the All Stars season after his opponent was injured. But how familiar is he with Games of the Will anyway? And will it turn out that his partner Elitsa will beat him not on the track, but in knowledge? Let’s see:

What nationality is the winner of “Games of the Will” season 3?

Elitsa: Kazakhstani.

Alexa: Ukrainian. (laughing). Just kidding. I know he is Kazakh.

Who was the winner of “Games of the Will” season 1?

Both in one voice: Dobata.

How many contestants were eliminated from captain battles in season 4?

Elitsa: Three.

Alexa: Gencho, Valerie and Elitsa. Three. Mirella. Four.

Elitza: Was Mirela a captain?

Alexa: Captain.

Elitsa: Okay, four.

Who are the two women who finished in third place in “Games of the Will”?

Elitsa: Paulina. And third place another woman?

Alexa: There’s one from season two. I don’t know her name.

Elitsa: Oh, with the red hair?

Alexa: No, it was with Bobby and with Milen.

Elitsa: Now she has red hair.

Alexa: It was kind of a semi final battle of the three and then the final was Milen and the Bobcat.

Elitsa: Vanessa? something… Vanya?

Where did the puzzle man Nedelcho Bogdanov end up?

Elitsa: Seventh?

Alexa: Nope. He was in the semi-finals with these balls. It dropped out there. He was fourth or fifth there. Fourth… fifth. Fourth? Fifth..

What were the names of the three tribes in “Games of the Will” season 2?

Elitsa: No chance.

Alexa: Fishermen, hunters and the third one I don’t know. I don’t know the yellow one.

What was the name of the yellow tribe in season 3?

Alexa: Champions.

Where did Elitza finish in season 4?

Elitsa: Thirteenth? I do not know.

Alexa: We’ll consider it now. I never thought that. With us, if you are not the first…

Elitsa: OK, count 2 tribes by 8. 16. And I am…

Alexa: Yellow stayed. Michaela, Mirella, Jenny…

Elitza: Fifteenth.

Alexa: Fifo, Lefterov, Gogo, Ralitsa… Seven… Fifteenth.

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