Iva Miteva: There is a crisis of legitimacy

Iva Miteva: There is a crisis of legitimacy
Iva Miteva: There is a crisis of legitimacy

“There is a crisis of legitimacy. People feel powerless, they don’t believe that their voice will be counted correctly”. This was stated by Iva Miteva – Speaker of the 45th and 46th National Assembly in the program “The Day Live” on NOVA NEWS the day after the runoff of the local elections. She believes that the mayor of Sofia (Vasil Terziev) was elected with low legitimacy and will represent the politically engaged people. The constitutionalist explained that the election results showed that the majority consisted of moderate people, but their moderation seemed to be in the background. “They refrain from voting, they are disgusted by politics and in their background some other people emerge”, said Miteva.

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According to her, only if a complete review of the code, of the master code, is done, one can say whether the elections were fair. “Everything should be opened and counted. The difference is minimal and the fight has to start somewhere. It should be tried”, said the constitutionalist Miteva.

According to her, a repair is needed in the Electoral Code, in the electoral system and the work of the institutions, in order to restore people’s confidence in the electoral process. According to her, it is necessary to pay attention to referenda, “The law on referenda is written in such a way that it is a miracle how it worked”, Miteva said.

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Regarding the new mayor Vasil Terziev, who won with a minimal lead over Vanya Grigorova, the lawyer announced that he hopes he will be the mayor of all Sofians. “This division is not good, I also experienced it in the National Assembly – when you don’t think like us, then you are maskers, crooks, then you are bought, you sit on the other side. Some people pretend to be messiahs and think they are God’s chosen and only what they do is true,” Miteva said. She expects Terziev’s experience and knowledge to stand before his ambition and hopes that rich people are difficult to bribe. “If he is going to the municipality to recover his condition, it is not OK, the question is whether he said so,” said the former speaker of the parliament.

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She thinks it’s dangerous to start moving or removing monuments to parts of our history. “We must stop being in conflict with the past. Somehow we started to drop the future. We all know who the author of the Monument to the Soviet Army is. This can drive some people to the street and activate other processes”, added Miteva. She gave an example that there are strange facts about the elections – there are more of us on electoral lists than there are on the census.

Regarding the cancellation of machine voting in the first round of local elections, the lawyer said that she has many questions for the e-governance minister. “To me, it is strange that the machines are approved without having an established methodology, with the tag “approve”, uploaded to the website of the ministry before the actual action. It should have preceded the authentication,” said Iva Miteva. She also cannot explain why the minister authorized his deputy to carry out this procedure. “It is strange that he is authorized deputy minister, when such authorization is not given to him under the Electoral Code,” she added.

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