What awaits us at Christmas? Key prediction

What awaits us at Christmas? Key prediction
What awaits us at Christmas? Key prediction

Shopping this Christmas may be cheaper than last year. The optimistic forecast was made by Vladimir Ivanov, chairman of the State Commission for Commodity Exchanges and Markets.

“Lower prices are expected at Christmas. We expect a cheaper December compared to 2022. There will be a hold in prices for the main food products – pulses, sugar, pork and chicken meat, cheese and yellow cheese. There is a reduction in oil and butter Fruits and vegetables are at higher prices due to the bad harvest – higher prices for onions and potatoes are expected,” explained Vladimir Ivanov to BNT.

According to him, the intention to reduce prices with the “Affordable for you” initiative remains and there was no idea about the termination. The proposal that large hypermarkets offer cheap prices for 7 basic foods, initiated by the Minister of Economy Bogdan Bogdanov, was met with a knife by the Commission for the Protection of Competition.

However, the authorities did not give up on the idea.

“The measure should start from November 15. There is a great desire for the measure from both large and small commercial entities. The initiative is very good – it gives more information to the customer, it does not aim to bring zero prices and maintain them for a long period of time “, added Vladimir Ivanov.

He explained that the goal is to have a choice in pricing, to have a transparent interaction between demand and supply.

“We are talking about 7 product groups, for about 50 products, but there is no limit on the number of products. We are not thinking about price regulation. The brochures will be widely available. I am convinced that the effects of the initiative will be positive”, commented Vladimir Ivanov and noted that the market is currently stabilized.

At the same time, in the past first working week of November (October 30 – November 3), food prices on commodity exchanges and auctions rose again for the second week in a row, with two weeks of falling prices before that, and at the end of September, wholesale prices rose for two weeks in a row .

It is noteworthy that 12 products included in the weekly bulletins of the DKSBT were more expensive a year ago at the same time, among which are sunflower oil, a 125 gram packet of butter, fresh milk, lemons, bananas, greenhouse cucumbers, red pepper, and the wholesale prices of eggs are unchanged.

The wholesale prices of 15 of the 32 products included in the DKSBT weekly bulletin have increased, 14 have decreased and 3 are unchanged.

Most dairy and meat foods and pulses on commodity exchanges and auctions have become cheaper, with the price of type 500 flour falling the most, and the price of the 125 gram packet of butter increasing the most; most of the fruits have increased in price, with the price of oranges increasing the most, and the price of imported apples falling the most; in the case of vegetables, most have also become more expensive, with the price of green pepper increasing the most, and greenhouse tomatoes falling the most.

In the case of the main meat, dairy foods and pulses from all 18 products included in the DKSBT bulletin, on a weekly basis 6 increased in price, 10 decreased in price, and 2 products remained unchanged in price, with the trend being within normal limits – of minus 4.3% up to plus 3.3 percent, which is characteristic of the season for this group of food products.

The prices of the 125-gram packet of butter (+3.3% to BGN 2.52/piece) rose the most, followed by eggs (+3.0% to BGN 0.34/piece), chicken sausages (+0.9% to BGN 5.75). /kg).

The price of type 500 flour fell the most (-4.3% to BGN 1.35/kg), followed by sunflower oil (-3.7% to BGN 2.87/l).

Sugar (BGN 2.42/kg) and yogurt in a 400 g bucket (BGN 1.15/unit) remain unchanged in price.

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