In Milan, the feeling of revenge against PSG prevails

In Milan, the feeling of revenge against PSG prevails
In Milan, the feeling of revenge against PSG prevails

Milan coach Stefano Pioli emphasized that the team hopes to take revenge on Paris Saint-Germain tomorrow after the heavy 0-3 loss in the match between them in the Champions League last month. He added that the “Rossoneri” must take revenge on their fans after the disappointing 0:1 loss against Udinese in Serie A.

“We let everyone down on Saturday, that’s more than clear. We have to do everything the opposite way and make things right. I know that I am coaching a responsible and careful team that is capable of playing a great game. I definitely think we can make a breakthrough in the Champions League tomorrow. We can no longer hope for positive results for us in the matches of the other teams. It will be quite difficult for us because our opponent is of the highest level. We can play a great game because we have strong players and we have the right ideas to make it difficult for our opponent. Some results have cost us too much recently, even though we deserved more in those games. In the last game we paid for our underperformance as we were capable of more.

Against PSG we have to be very careful in both phases of the game. They can hit you at any moment, but at the same time give you opportunities. So this time we have to be better and more effective in the situations where we can hurt them compared to the previous match between us. Last time we didn’t allow many one-on-one situations in the first half and we were compact, stealing a lot of balls. A sense of revenge prevails among us, and also a desire to show a different face than the one on Saturday. Then we disappointed the fans who have always supported us. If they were booing us, that means we performed pretty badly, knowing that. For this reason, we must take advantage of the opportunity to show the game that suits Milan”, commented Pioli at his press conference today.

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