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CSKA and Heber are playing in a match of the 16th round of the efbet League.

“Armies” are without their captain Amos Yuga, who received a straight red card against Eter (1:0) in Veliko Tarnovo, and Dukens Nazon is a reserve at the expense of Michael Estrada at the top of the attack.

Austria’s Marcel Canady and the visitors’ Robert Mazan were first to strike but failed to threaten Gustavo Bussato’s goal, and after that the action was mostly in Heber’s half. In the sixth minute, Robert Mazan mishandled the ball and Michael Estrada attempted a back-heel pass, but Stefan Tsonkov intercepted the ball and it went to Lindseth. The Norwegian shot, but after a ricochet Igonen easily caught. Six minutes later, Estrada was brought on alone against Igonen after the ball ricocheted between Lindseth and a Heber player. The Ecuadorian shot and Igonen saved with his body.

A quarter of an hour after the start of the match, Ivan Turitsov was found with an excellent pass in Heber’s penalty area by Lindseth and shot strongly on the diagonal, but Igonen intervened again. Shortly after, CSKA’s right-back was flagged for offside. In the 26th minute, after a mix-up with a cross from a corner, Hristiyan Petrov finished with his left foot, but sent the ball over the crossbar. Four minutes later, Tobias Heinz crossed the ball from the right and Brian Cordoba towered over Lazar Marin, but the Colombian’s header hit the left-hand post.

CSKA’s pressure was increasing and in the 39th minute Estrada intercepted the ball on the move, but the Estonian guard of the visitors instinctively spread his arms and saved with his body. In the first minute of added time of the first half, the hosts materialized their superiority. Hristiyan Petrov combined on the right with Ivan Turitsov, who crossed excellently to the uncovered Matias Phaeton, who scored for 1:0.

After the break in the 58th minute, Mathias Phaeton drifted down the left flank and managed to find Tobias Heinz. The Norwegian struck, but Robert Mazan prevented him with an excellent split. A minute later, Emmanuel Shakic crossed from the left with his right foot, and Michael Estrada took control with his knee and after turning he scored to make it 2:0. The guests had claims for Estrada’s handball, and the VAR referees looked into the situation and counted the goal.

1:0 Matias Phaeton (45+1), 2:0 Michael Estrada (59)

Highlights of the match by minutes:
1 – Start of the meeting.
1 – Marcel Canady, was found excellent on the edge of the home penalty area and shot from the move with the inside of his right foot but over the crossbar.
2 – Robert Mazan takes a shot from long range but sends the ball straight into the hands of Gustavo Bussato.
6 – Michael Estrada received the ball in the penalty area and attempted a back-heel pass, but a defender intercepted the ball and it found its way to Jonathan Lindseth, whose shot was blocked and kept Matvei Igonen in check.
12 – Michael Estrada was brought out alone against goalkeeper Igonen, who deflected the Ecuadorian’s shot.
16 – Estrada was found in the penalty area after a touch by Emmanuel Shakic. The Ecuadorian did well with a Heber defender but his shot ricocheted inches wide of Igonen’s left-hand post.
17 – Igonen deflected Ivan Turitsov’s diagonal shot, which was brought behind the defense of the visitors.
26 – Hristiyan Petrov shoots after a mix-up in the visitors’ penalty area, but over the goal.
30 – BEAM of CSKA! Brian Córdoba headed in a cross from the right and sent the ball into the left side post of the goal.
33 – Heinz took a corner to the near post, where Lindsett deflected and the ball traveled parallel to the goal line, but there was no Army player to send it into the goal.
39 – Vion put the ball at Estrada’s feet, but he made a big miss again, sending it straight to Igonen.
45+1 – GOOOL for CSKA! Ivan Turitsov burst into the penalty area and found an unmarked Matthias Phaeton, who scored from close range for 1:0.
45+4 – End of the first part!
………………………………………… ………..
46 – Start of the second half.
47 – After a cross from a corner, Angel Bastunov played with his head in the goal area, but he was unable to make a shot and the ball went out.
53 – Thibaut Vion crosses from the left and Lazarus Marin clears the ball for a corner, after which there is no danger for Igonen and he grabs the ball.
58 – The visitors’ defense made a mistake, Mathias Phaeton stole the ball and attempted a pass to Tobias Heinz, who was outpaced by Lazar Marin with a clear split.
59 – GOOOL for CSKA! Michael Estrada controlled Emmanuel Shakic’s pass, turned and elegantly scored to make it 2-0.
70 – Lindsett shoots from the edge of the penalty area, but his shot goes wide of Heber’s goal.
79 – Heinz found Shopov with a heel in the guests’ penalty area, but the latter’s shot was blocked and the ball went out for a corner, after which danger followed in front of Igonen’s goal.

CSKA: 1. Gustavo Busato – 19. Ivan Turitsov, 13. Brian Cordoba, 6. Hristiyan Petrov, 15. Thibaut Vion, 17. Emmanuel Shakic, 26. Marcelino Carreasso, 11. Mathias Phaeton, 7. Jonathan Lindseth, 14. Tobias Heinz ( K), 29. Michael Estrada
Reservations: 25. Dimitar Evtimov – 22. Enes Makhmutovich, 20. Asen Donchev, 8. Stanislav Shopov, 30. Danilo Asprilya, 4. Meno Koch, 3. Sainey Sanyang, 16. Georgi Chorbadzhiyski, 9. Dukens Nazon
Coach: Nestor El Maestro

Heber: 32. Matvey Igonen, 5. Martin Mihailov, 33. Stefan Tsonkov, 24. Lazar Marin, 27. Robert Mazan, 7. Georgi Valchev – K, 10. Angel Bastunov, 21. Marcel Kanadi, 14. Oleksii Zbun, 11. Atanas Kabov, 17. Nicholas Penev
Reservations: 1. Petar Deberliev, 88. Martin Yankov, 23. Sasho Lebanov, 84. Stiliyan Tisovski, 3. Bogomil Bojurkin, 43. Joao Sesko, 13. Arkhan Isuf
Coach: Luboslav Penev

Stadium: “Bulgarian Army”
Judge: Ivo Andreev

Legend: – goal, – own goal, – yellow card, – second yellow card, – Red card, – shift, – dangerous situation, – injury, – reviewing a VAR situation

Efbet League – season 2023/2024
Efbet League standings
Bulgarian Cup – season 2023/2024

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