SDVR in explanatory mode why the nationals were urgently moved to Plovdiv


The Metropolitan Directorate of Internal Affairs issued an official statement regarding the scandalous relocation of the Bulgaria-Hungary match on November 16 from Sofia to Plovdiv and the closing of the stadium to fans, without our national team being punished by UEFA for playing without an audience.

“On 24.10.2023, a working meeting was held in the building of the Bulgarian Football Union with representatives of the SDVR and GDNP, initiated by the BFS. The host of the meeting expressed concerns about holding protest events on 16.11.2023. , during the football match between the teams Bulgaria and Hungary, with the participation of football fans of different football clubs.

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During the meeting, the representatives of the BFS wished to check the reliability of the information, so that they would be notified.

At the end of October, the SDVR sent a reply to the BFS that information was obtained from the publicly available electronic media about the organization of several protest events during the football match in question, and a possible violation of public order before, during and after the conclusion. The changes and subsequent correspondence are solely within the competence of the football headquarters of Bulgaria, Hungary and UEFA for a final decision,” reads the opinion of the Metropolitan Directorate of Internal Affairs.

Despite the relocation of the meeting, the fans of the leading teams in our country did not give up their protest, announcing that it will be moved from the “Vasil Levski” National Stadium to the “Hristo Botev” Stadium in Plovdiv.

Among the fans who will support the protest demanding the resignation of the BFS management and its president Borislav Mihailov are those from Levski, CSKA, Botev Plovdiv, Lokomotiv Plovdiv, Beroe and Spartak Varna. The confirmation is also expected from the fans of other teams.

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