We use it every day, and its price will reach BGN 50 per liter

We use it every day, and its price will reach BGN 50 per liter
We use it every day, and its price will reach BGN 50 per liter

Olive oil is turning into liquid gold, expect soon in Greece it could be €25 per bottle

Athens, Greece06 Nov. 2023, 21:26 655 read 0 comments

The transformation of olive oil into “liquid gold”, from an economic to a political issue, since it is the most important food product of the Greek people from ancient times to the present day.

It is sold in Switzerland 30% cheaper than in Greece and is expected to reach an astronomical price of 25 euros per liter.

Greece is considered an olive oil producing country (and its oil ranks first compared to the products of other competing countries).

This raises questions about the heavy responsibility of the Greek government, which allowed 80% of total olive oil production to be exported abroad last year, leaving it unable to make up for the shortfall now.

It is also responsible for the failure to prevent or even limit the effects of natural disasters such as fires and floods that affected the country this year, reports Bulgaria ON AIR.

There are many reasons for the rise in the prices of “liquid gold”: the reduction in production in 2023, high VAT, natural disasters, high production costs and labor shortages, but also not to forget the obscene actions of traders.

Olive oil is currently sold wholesale for 150-170 euros for a 20-liter jar, up from 60-80 euros two years ago.

How prices have changed:

Autumn 2022: €5.45 – €5.75 /litre/

July 2023: €6 – €6.40 /litre/

August 2023: €9.50 – €12/litre/

November 2023: €12 – €15 /litre/

The problem this year will be not only prices, but also the reduction of production.

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