Trump leads Biden in key states

Trump leads Biden in key states
Trump leads Biden in key states

New survey bodes poorly for US Democrats

Leads Nevada by as much as ten points

Former US President Donald Trump has a significant lead over incumbent Joe Biden in five of the six key states that decide the presidential vote. This is shown by the results of a New York Times survey of attitudes about the next presidential elections in the country, published on Sunday.

Trump leads Biden by as much as 10 points in Nevada, six percent in Georgia, five in Arizona and Michigan and four percent in Pennsylvania. Biden’s only lead is in Wisconsin, where he beats Trump by two percentage points. If the election is now, Trump would receive from these 6 states 67 votes in the Electoral College, and Biden – only 10. Journalists recall that Biden won in all six states during the 2020 elections.

The poll results are particularly striking for Biden, given Trump’s mounting legal troubles, against which four lawsuits have been filed with a total of 91 charges. On Monday, the civil fraud trial entered its final phase, with Trump and two of his sons set to testify before Judge Arthur Enrgon in New York.

The poll attributed Biden’s poor performance to his age, with 54% of Democrats polled saying he is too old for the job. Voters generally believe Trump will do better on the economy, immigration and foreign policy.

In addition, Trump’s strong performance is also due to unprecedented levels of support among black and Hispanic voters. Trump currently holds a commanding lead in the 2024 Republican presidential primary, with his closest competitors far behind him.


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