Trump leads by a significant margin over Biden

Trump leads by a significant margin over Biden
Trump leads by a significant margin over Biden

The current president of the USA, Joe Biden, is falling behind his main rival in the upcoming elections, Donald Trump, in 5 of the 6 key states. This is shown by the results of a sociological survey commissioned by The New York Times.

The results show that Biden lags behind Trump in almost all swing states, where Democrats and Republicans traditionally have no lasting support. That makes these states something of an American “barometer” for the two parties’ popularity. Biden’s trailing of Trump ranged from 3 to 10 percentage points among voters polled in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. And in just one swing state the acting president retains an advantage – Wisconsin, writes BGNES.

It is noteworthy that before the 2020 election, which Biden won, he had a higher rating in all six states mentioned. According to polled voters, the main reason for their dissatisfaction with Biden is the disappointing state of the American economy. Many of them claim that the current president’s policies have harmed them personally, while Trump’s policies during his presidency, on the contrary, have benefited them.

The next US presidential election will be held in November 2024.

In April of this year, Joe Biden already confirmed that he intends to run for a second term. The Republican Party, for which Trump ran in 2016 and 2020, has not yet determined its candidate, and is currently in the process of internal “elections” known as “primaries.” But it is Donald Trump who has the highest approval rating among Republicans.

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