Trump testifies in fraud trial and confronts judge

Trump testifies in fraud trial and confronts judge
Trump testifies in fraud trial and confronts judge
Trump is in court today

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Former US President Donald Trump was questioned for nearly four hours in New York in the fraud case against him. During the questioning, Trump and the judge clashed several times.

Trump is suspected of grossly overestimating the value of his assets. This would bring him many financial benefits. For example, he would have higher loans and lower insurance premiums. According to lawyers, it earned Trump more than $100 million. Trump dismisses the case as a witch hunt by politically motivated people.

“Can you keep your customer in check?”

During the questioning, the judge had to point out to Trump that he should only answer the questions. According to the judge, Trump gave inappropriate answers and frequently digressed. For example, when asked how much his golf resort in Aberdeen, Scotland, cost, the former president replied, “It’s the best golf resort ever built. It is the best piece of land I have ever seen.’

The judge threatened to remove Trump from the witness stand. The judge asked Trump’s lawyer, “Mr. Casey, can you keep your client under control?” “This is no place to make a campaign speech. This is a courtroom.” The judge also interrupted Trump’s answers several times.

Apartment size

A judge already ruled last September that the former president was guilty of one count of fraud. Today there are six more fraud charges, such as falsifying company data.

The size of Trump’s apartment in Trump Tower in New York is a well-known case in point. According to Trump, the apartment is about 2,800 square feet, but it’s actually more than 1,000 square feet. Trump said today that a mistake could happen. Also at issue in the lawsuit is the value of his property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Critics say Trump is using the issue in his campaign ahead of the presidential election. Before the questioning, he gave a speech to a number of journalists. In it, he cited, among other things, the wars in Israel, Gaza and Ukraine and attacked the current Biden administration.

Watch Trump’s speech upon his arrival in the courtroom:

Former President Trump files a fraud lawsuit

This civil case is separate from the criminal cases against Trump. He faces no jail time in that case, but faces up to $250 million in fines and a ban from doing business in New York. It is not yet known when Trump will learn of the potential fine. Two of Trump’s children testified last week.

In addition to this fraud case, there are four criminal cases against Trump; The first is about election fraud in 2020, another is about election fraud in the state of Georgia, another is about hiding classified documents after leaving the White House in 2021, and the fourth is about secret payments to former porn figures. .

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