Sunny weather today, with rain tomorrow – Around the world and in our country

Sunny weather today, with rain tomorrow – Around the world and in our country
Sunny weather today, with rain tomorrow – Around the world and in our country

The minimum temperatures will be between 5° and 14°, in Sofia – about 7°, and the maximum – between 19° and 24°, in Sofia – about 20°.

It will be sunny with scattered high clouds. Visibility will be reduced in places in the morning hours. A light southerly wind will blow.

It will be mostly sunny along the Black Sea, in the morning hours in places with reduced visibility. A light south-easterly wind will blow. Maximum temperatures will be 18 – 20°. The temperature of the sea water is from 10° at Cape Shabla to 18° in Burgas. The excitement of the sea will be 1 – 2 points.

It will be mostly sunny in the mountains. It will blow moderate, on the highest peaks temporarily to strong wind from the west-southwest. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be around 16°, at 2000 meters – around 9°.

In the night against Wednesday from the west, the cloudiness will increase and by the morning it will rain in the northwestern regions. During the day, the precipitation will move to the east, in more places and with more significant amounts in Northern and Western Bulgaria. With strong winds from the west-northwest, colder air will move in and temperatures will drop.

By Thursday morning, the rain will stop and the clouds will decrease and Thursday will be mostly sunny. The wind will weaken, in many areas, and die down. Temperatures will be close to the usual for mid-November, the minimum between 3° and 8°, and the maximum – between 11° and 16°.

Friday will be sunny with temporary increases in cloud cover, but the chance of precipitation is low.

Cloudiness will increase overnight Saturday from the west and will be more often significant on Saturday. There will also be precipitation, with an increased probability that it will be significant in places.

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