My advisor died tragically in front of his family and on his birthday PHOTOS

My advisor died tragically in front of his family and on his birthday PHOTOS
My advisor died tragically in front of his family and on his birthday PHOTOS

His fellow soldier gave him the fatal gift

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The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, confirmed that his advisor died in tragic circumstances, Ukrinform reports, referring to his publication in the Telegram application.

“Indescribable pain and heavy loss for the armed forces of Ukraine and for me personally. Today in tragic circumstances, in front of his family and on his birthday, my advisor and close friend Major Gennady Chastyakov died,” Zaluzhny wrote. According to him, an unknown explosive device was activated in one of the gifts.

“Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Gennady was for me a reliable friend who completely devoted his life to the armed forces of Ukraine and the fight against Russian aggression. The reasons and circumstances will be established during the pre-trial investigation,” Zaluzhnyi added.

Chastyakov has a wife and four children.

Ukrainska Pravda newspaper, citing its sources, reported that the deceased’s wife said that a grenade exploded in her husband’s hands and that it was in a gift bag that he brought home.

Chastyakov’s death most likely occurred as a result of an accident, a source from the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities said.

“This is a tragic accident with 99.9% probability. He was given live grenades for his birthday and one of them exploded due to careless handling,” the source said.

According to the source, the investigation continues, but so far there is no reason to talk about either an attempted murder or a Russian trail.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Igor Klimenko, also gave information on the tragic incident with Major Gennadiy Chestyakov.

He says that the deceased had a birthday. He came home from work with gifts from his colleagues, which he started showing to his family.

“He took out a gift box with grenades inside and started showing one of the ammunition to his son. These were new Western style grenades. First the son took the ammunition in his hands and started spinning the device. Then the serviceman took the grenade from the child as he detonated and a tragic explosion occurred,” says Klimenko.

Klimenko specifies that the police found 5 more such unexploded grenades in Chastyakov’s apartment. They will be sent for examination.

In addition, law enforcement officers found his fellow soldier who gave him the fatal gift. His office has already been searched and 2 more similar grenades have been seized. Investigations are currently ongoing.

At the same time, a UNIAN source in the law enforcement authorities specified that the grenades were part of a “gift set” that his colleague Colonel Timchenko gave him for his birthday.

He has already testified to law enforcement that he himself decided to make such a gift, placing a bottle of Black Label whiskey and 6 grenades in a wooden box.

This is confirmed by three witnesses to whom the colonel presented the gift. It is noted that during this Timchenko even said to Chastyakov: “It’s hard to surprise you – that’s why I’m giving you combat grenades and a bottle of good whiskey.”

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