Trump testifies in $250m fraud trial – From the day

Trump testifies in $250m fraud trial – From the day
Trump testifies in $250m fraud trial – From the day

Donald Trump


Former US President Donald Trump took the stand in New York to testify in his $250 million fraud trial.

Donald Trump has been accused of misleadingly inflating his net worth to win favorable terms from banks and insurers.

The questioning of the billionaire focused on the extent of his involvement in preparing the financial statements of his companies. During the questioning, the former US president repeatedly clashed with the judge in the case, who must decide whether to impose hundreds of millions of dollars in fines on Trump’s companies. He accused the court of bias and called the representatives of the judiciary “political collaborators” on the way to the courtroom.

“I’m sure the judge will rule against me, because he always rules against me,” said the former US president. Unlike the four criminal cases Trump is facing, this civil trial does not threaten to land him in prison. If convicted, the consequences would be financially catastrophic for his business empire, with prosecutors seeking $250 million in fines as well as restrictions that would prevent Trump and his sons Eric and Donald from doing business in his home state of New York.

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