Protests in Spain against future amnesty law for Catalan separatists

Protests in Spain against future amnesty law for Catalan separatists
Protests in Spain against future amnesty law for Catalan separatists

The Spanish right organized large protests today in a number of cities of the country against the future amnesty law for the Catalan separatists. The law is a concession promised by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez in order to secure the support of Catalan MPs for his next government, AFP reported, citing BTA.

The amnesty of Catalan representatives is perceived by a part of Spanish society as a violation of the rule of law.

The main right-wing political force, the People’s Party, called on Spaniards to say “No to amnesty” in Madrid and other major Spanish cities today. “Democracy is in danger”, added the conservative party and called on all democrats, regardless of difference, to join it in the protests today.

The People’s Party won first place in the July election, but failed to secure a majority in parliament to form a government. Sánchez’s Socialists came second. They struck a governing deal with radical left forces and also won the support of seven MPs from the party of former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, a key figure in Catalonia’s attempted secession from Spain in 2017. Puigdemont then fled to Belgium to escape from prosecution in Spain.

In exchange for supporting Sánchez, Puigdemont’s “Together for Catalonia” party received a promise from the socialist for a future amnesty law for Catalan separatists, persecuted mainly because of the events of 2017, as well as for the start of negotiations, which will, among other things, concern the question of “recognition of Catalonia as a nation”.

The right, some magistrates and some moderate leaders from Sánchez’s party consider the amnesty to be contrary to the principles of equality and territorial unity and the separation of powers.

Speaking at the Congress of European Socialists in Malaga yesterday, Sanchez called on the People’s Party to accept the election result and the legitimacy of the government he will soon form.

The far-right Vox party has announced it will join rallies organized by the People’s Party today, before taking part in protests outside Socialist Party offices in various Spanish cities.

For more than a week, daily protests have been taking place in front of the headquarters of the Socialists in Madrid at the call of organizations close to Vox. They escalated several times into clashes between radical activists and law enforcement.

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