Live: Fragile advance for Beroe

Live: Fragile advance for Beroe
Live: Fragile advance for Beroe

The teams of Beroe and Akademik Plovdiv play against each other in a meeting of the sixth round of the NBL in the “Obshinska” hall in Stara Zagora.

FIRST QUARTER:Jordan Yankov made one change to his starting line-up, with Justin McCall coming on for Tyler Creamer. Otherwise, the match expectedly started quite evenly with several changes of leadership in the first minutes, with Berroe first managing to deal a bit more serious blow to his opponent at 11:7 after good performances by his leaders Darrell Davis and Carlos Pepin. In the middle of the period on the field for the guests, their talents Tomislav Minkov, Krastomir Mihov and Ioannis Kikrilis appeared on the field at the same time, and the third managed to reduce the difference to two points at 11:9 seconds after his appearance on the field. However, Staro Zagorci continued to lead the scoring after Jabari Craig again led them to a three-point lead with 19:16 left in the half. Academic basketball players began to accumulate too many mistakes in the offensive plan, because of which the “greens” were able to increase their lead to six points after the first half, thanks to quick attacks and a three-pointer in the last second by Darrell Davis for 26:20. TITLE FIVE:BEROE: Mikhail Kombakov, Darin Ivanov, Darrell Davis, Carlos Pepin, Antun MaricevicACADEMIC: Nikolai Marinov, Jaylen Minet, Martin Marinov, Justin McCall, Gerald Liddell

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