Krum from Games of the Will: I made mistakes that led to my elimination

Krum from Games of the Will: I made mistakes that led to my elimination
Krum from Games of the Will: I made mistakes that led to my elimination

Krum Apostolov is another eliminated participant from the extreme reality show “Games of the Will”, and weeks before the finale. He was isolated in the tribe of Gladiators after the death of those closest to him – Tsveti Staneva and Kaloyan Mitov. The contestant was sent to an elimination battle by the red tribe in hopes of returning to keep one of the strong players, but was defeated in the Arena by Olympic medalist Krasimir Dunev. The professional football referee and former footballer has shown himself to be an ambitious player and a good leader, and was even named as a possible finalist. In an interview with “Wake up”, the strategist from Kuklen talks about the losses that taught him strength, and the victories for the zest for new challenges. The reporter Dragomir Tanev and cameraman Tasi Asenov meet us with the football referee.

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“I’m disappointed in myself. My elimination is not only a consequence of the fight on Friday, but also because of accumulated errors in recent weeks. Mistakes led to this fight. There were many reasons, and she was the final reason behind my strategy,” admits the failed participant. “I did not underestimate Krasi Drumev in the final fight, especially since he also had an advantage. Even that motivated me. I knew I had to give not 100, but 1000% of myself. In this kind of battles, I don’t look at who is against me, but I follow the course and the elements of the game. I concentrate and I have to do it in the best way. I’m very angry that I failed. Unlike many people, I entered to win the race, not to experience it. My goal was like that, so were the strategies, and I tried to be as complex as possible. I wanted to show qualities in the Arena, but outside of it I wanted to arrange my cards correctly. I’m angry that I made mistakes that led to my elimination.”

The football referee defines himself as a team player and he says he showed that in Games of Will. He admits that in the second part of the game he thought more about how to protect Tsveti and Kaloyan, and not himself. As the Amazon tribe crumbles, he decides to take the two girls into the Gladiator tribe and defines his decision as a strategy.

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“I’m not afraid of nominations, but I knew that if I took Michaud, I was endangering one of the people from my coalition. I knew that even if I was sent to elimination, the chances of me coming back were high. By making the decision to make this move, I was protecting myself, of course, but I was also protecting them. Our coalition was a mini team in the big one.”

“Definitely the loss humbled me and the fight itself showed it. Saga, looking at myself, I see that all the nerves and emotions were unnecessary. This is something I would like to change, but these are my emotions and I have not hid,” he commented on his emotionality, impulsiveness and temper in the Arena and in life.

Krum says that the biggest loss in his life is that of his father, who was a former policeman who cared about education and discipline. The advice he learned from him is that it is important in life to excel. The tragic loss of the parent is the reason for his faster growth in life. To some extent, he becomes the man in the family and also a role model for his younger brother. According to him, his father would be pleased with his participation, as he has proved himself. The most valuable lesson he learned from his father was to be a man among men. The thought that he can be proud of him has motivated him during the difficult moments in the extreme reality.

Strategist Krum Apostolov dropped out of “Games of the Will”

“My mother and grandmother, when they watch me on TV, are happy with my participation and successes. They don’t delve into the social game. According to my grandmother, taking the salami for the tribe and not the pennies ate my head off. They are proud of me, but they told me to be calmer and reduce my tension and impulsiveness,” says Krum about the advice of his closest people.

“The most valuable lesson I learned from “Games of the Will” is to be more humble, and watching the episodes to be more direct and frank,” the participant is emphatic.

More interesting information about “Games of the Will” can be found on the show’s website, as well as on the official Facebook page, Instagram account and TikTok account of “Games of the Will”. The official podcast of the extreme reality show “After the Games” watch on NOVA PLAY, Vbox7 and YouTube.

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