LIVE WITH BLITZ: Krumovgrad’s second goal



See the predictions of Vladi Vargala and Atanas Zafirov for the final result of the match!

CSKA trailed by 0:1 when visiting Krumovgrad from the 17th round. Newly hatched national player Alexander Kolev opened the scoring in the 34th minute.

The match in Komatevo began with a minute’s silence after the tragedies on the roads in Bulgaria yesterday – the death of the former coach of the “army” Ferrari Spasov, as well as the death of the president and coach of the volleyball Olympians (Pleven) Stefka Velikova and two of her competitors.

CSKA is chasing first place in the standings, which it will take alone if it beats Krumovgrad.

1:0 Alexander Kolev (34), 1:1 Amos Yuga (38)

Highlights of the match by minutes:
* A minute of silence in memory of Ferrario Spasov, who died in road accidents yesterday, as well as Stefka Velikova and two of her players from the volleyball club Olimpiets (Pleven).
1 – Start of the meeting.
3 – Gustavo Busato saves Diego Raposo’s shot.
6 – Ryan Senhaji heads the ball from a corner that flies wide of CSKA’s goal.
14 – Long shot by Alex Kolev, Bussato saves.
20 – First shot for CSKA – Amos Yuga took a long side throw from the left of the “Reds” attack in the penalty area, where the ball was not cleared well and hit the left foot of Jonathan Lindseth, who, however, shot high over the goal.

KRUMOVGRAD: 21. Blagoi Makendzhiev, 18. Kladei Mashedo, 72. Ryan Senhadji, 91. Vyacheslav Velev, 5. Matei Shimich, 44. Bozhidar Katsarov (k), 88. Renan, 10. Serkan Yusein, 6. Jefferson 13. Diego Raposo, 9. Alexander Kolev
Reservations: 12. Nikolay Prandjev, 77. Oktai Yusein, 2. Juniet Ali, 20. Juneit Yashar, 80. Kitan Vasilev, 17. Patrick Luan, 30. Jacques Pehlivanov, 14. Daniel Milanovich
Coach: Stanislav Genchev

CSKA Sofia
CSKA: 1. Gustavo Busato, 19, Ivan Turitsov, 15. Thibault Vion, 6. Hristiyan Petrov, 13. Brian Cordoba, 21. Amos Yuga (k) 14. Tobias Heinz, 26. Marcelino Carreaso, 7. Jonathan Lindseth, 11. Matias Phaeton, 29. Michael Estrada
Reservations: 25. Dimitar Evtimov, 4. Meno Koch, 17. Emmanuel Shakic, 20. Asen Donchev, 22. Enes Makhmutovich, 8. Stanislav Shopov, 10. Zhirair Shagoyan, 30. Danilo Asprilya, 9. Dukens Nazon
Coach: Nestor El Maestro

comatose, Sports complex “Nikola Shterev – Starika”
Judge: Radoslav Gidzenov

Legend: – goal, – own goal, – yellow card, – second yellow card, – Red card, – shift, – dangerous situation, – injury, – reviewing a VAR situation

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