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Newcomer Krumovgrad and vice-champion CSKA play at score 1:1 at the Sports Complex “Nikola Shterev – Starika” in Plovdiv in the early Sunday match of the 17th round of the efbet League. Alexander Kolev opened in the 34th, a Amos Yuga equalized in the 38th minute. You can watch the meeting live on DIEMA SPORTas well as online at PLAY DIEMA XTRA.


The main referee of the match is Radoslav Gidzenov. In the first match between the two teams this season, CSKA prevailed 1-0 with a backscissor goal by Tobias Heinz.

The rookie Krumovgrad was on a streak of three consecutive defeats before this fight. In his first home game, the team’s new coach – Stanislav Genchev, made four changes compared to the 0:1 defeat by Ludogorets. Blagoi Makendzhiev was in goal for the second match in a row, replacing the injured Yanko Georgiev, and Klyder Mashedo, Ryan Senhadji and Matei Shimich acted in defense. Vyacheslav Velev and Jeferson Manyares acted as half-backs, and captain Bozhidar Katsarov and Renan Ariash were located in the center. The trio in attack was formed by Serkan Yusein, Alexander Kolev and Diego Raposo.

CSKA enters the match on the back of a 3-0 victory away to Chernomorets Balchik in a match of the round of 16 in the Sesame Cup Bulgaria tournament and in a series of a total of 12 consecutive championship matches without defeat. Coach Nestor El Maestro made seven changes from the last game in Balchik. Gustavo Busato returned to the goal, and in front of him were Ivan Turitsov, Brian Cordoba, Hristiyan Petrov and Thibaut Vion. Marcelino Carreaso, captain Amos Yuga, Jonathan Lindseth and Tobias Heinz acted in the center of the pitch. The attack was led by Matias Phaeton and Michael Estrada, with top scorer Dukens Nazon benched for the second straight start.


Before the start of the match, both teams honored the memory of Ferrario Spasov, who died in a car accident on Saturday, with a moment of silence.

The match started with an early chance for the home team in the third minute. CSKA’s defense was then not at its best after an attack by the hosts and Diego Raposo had a dangerous shot in the penalty area, but the returnee in goal, Gustavo Busato, dived and cleared the shot. Three minutes later the newcomers were in front of the Reds goal again when Serkan Youssin crossed from a corner at the near post where Ryan Senhaji headed away but the ball went past Busato’s left post.

Krumovgrad continued to be more active and in the 14th minute Alex Kolev decided to shoot directly from a direct free kick from a serious distance, which was accurate, but again the Brazilian guard of the capital cellars.

CSKA got their first shot on goal from Blagoi Makendzhiev in the 20th minute when captain Amos Yuga took a long side throw from the left of the Reds’ attack in the penalty area, where the ball was not cleared well and landed on the left foot of Jonathan Lindseth , who shoots from around the penalty spot but high over the crossbar. Seconds later, Reds fans launched a rocket onto the field.

However, Krumovgrad’s better play paid off in the 34th minute when the hosts opened the scoring. Renan Arias was brought out with a good pass from the left in the penalty area, he crossed low to the edge of the small penalty, where Alex Kolev got ahead of Hristiyan Petrov and with his left foot he found the ball in Busato’s goal for 1:0. The goal was considered an offside, but there was none and the goal was awarded.

However, CSKA quickly responded appropriately and equalized the score. The South captain took the ball cleanly in the hosts’ half, who then failed to clear it well and it fell to Marcelino Carreaso, who led the African from the left into the penalty area, and the midfielder broke away from the defense and with a shot into the near corner with his left foot did not leave chances of Blagoi Makendzhiev for 1:1. The hit was considered an ambush, but there was none. Twice after the goal, fans from the visiting sector fired rockets at the field.

In the 45th minute, Ivan Turitsov shot hard from a distance outside the penalty area, but into the hands of Makendzhiev.


1:0 Alexander Kolev 34′

1:1 Amos Juga (c) 38′

efbet League17th round

Chief Judge: Radoslav Gidzenov, city of Plovdiv

Stadium: “Nikola Shterev – Starika”, city of Plovdiv

Starting lineups of both teams:

KRUMOVGRAD (3-4-3): 21. Blagoi Makendzhiev – 18. Klyder Machedo, 72. Ryan Senhadji, 5. Matei Shimich – 91. Vyacheslav Velev, 44. Bozhidar Katsarov (k), 88. Renan Arias, 6. Jeferson Manyares g.k. – 10. Serkan Yusein, 9. Alexander Kolev ⚽13. Diego Raposo

Reservations: 12. Nikolay Prandjev (right), 77. Oktay Yusein, 2. Juneit Ali, 20. Juneit Yashar, 80. Kitan Vassilev, 17. Patrick Luan, 30. Jacques Pehlivanov, 14. Daniel Milanovich

Head Coach: Stanislav Genchev

CSKA (4-4-2): 1. Gustavo Busato – 19. Ivan Turitsov, 13. Brian Cordoba, 6. Hristiyan Petrov, 15. Thibaut Vion – 26. Marcelino Carreaso, 21. Amos Yuga (k) ⚽, 7. Jonathan Lindseth, 14. Tobias Heinz – 11 .Matias Phaeton, 29. Michael Estrada

Reservations: 25. Dimitar Evtimov (right), 20. Asen Donchev, 30. Danilo Asprilya, 9. Dukens Nazon, 17. Emmanuel Shakic, 22. Enes Makhmutovich, 10. Zhirair Shagoyan, 4. Meno Koch, 8. Stanislav Shopov

Head Coach: Nestor El Maestro

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