The essence of the assembly is in the economic interests

The essence of the assembly is in the economic interests
The essence of the assembly is in the economic interests

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“If this government, in general the PP, has achieved anything, it is to bring GERB and Boyko Borisov back into the game, the same thing happened with Delyan Peevski. No one is asking the question anymore how Delyan Peevski more often than Borisov sets the tasks – to the National Assembly , the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Prime Minister tells what should happen. Step by step, what was uncomfortable, even morally unacceptable, today everything is acceptable,” this opinion was expressed to the BNR by Christian Vigenin, MP from the PG of the BSP for Bulgaria and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly. In his words, “PP creates a power vacuum into which these individuals enter and they take advantage of it.”

“Very often, the parliament seizes the functions of the government. It tells someone from GERB or someone from DPS that something must happen and we oblige the government to do things that are decisions without serious analysis, proposals are thrown out and the National Assembly votes because it is they have a majority,” explained Vigenin. According to him, the parliament cannot become a quasi Council of Ministers, “at that without subsequent control”.

GERB’s attitude towards the Vigenin government reads like this:

“A spectacle in which we watch the various actions for months. On the one hand, constant scandals and arguments, on the other hand – apparently a very good match, which is obviously not so public, but somewhere in the shadows. They will stay together as long as they can accommodate their primarily economic, business interests, somewhere political. This happens in the shadows, not in front of people.”

He admitted that during the vote on next year’s budget, GERB will want to spell out in front of the people where and what needs to be done, and “in the shadows it will be spelled out and who exactly should do it”.

GERB will not leave the government, given the possibility “through the budget decision to allocate billions where it is needed”, believes Christian Vigenin, according to whom “this policy is in GERB’s DNA” and “GERB has turned corruption into state policy”.

“PP-DB also have their interests and they will be carefully coordinated. All this will be at the expense of the Bulgarian citizens, of the prospects for the development of Bulgaria, but who in this assembly cares about that? We need to understand where the essence of this assembly is . The idea that it’s somewhere in an embassy is a very good explanation for some people, but it’s not really there. It’s somewhere else – the economic and business interests.”

The derogation is necessary for Bulgaria, but through this derogation we should not create image problems for the country, said Christian Vigenin. He believes that “the derogation should not be removed, but the control over how it is implemented should be strengthened”.

Due to the failures in every sphere, we believe that the stay of this government is already counterproductive, commented the deputy speaker of the parliament in the program “Nedelya 150”.

Before the vote of no confidence on the subject of national security and defense, Vigenin pointed out that “the only thing we are dealing with lately is importing equipment, buying equipment, we just pay for it, it has not arrived yet – as for the planes: the first, the second batch, now the “Strykers”. According to him, “defense is not just about importing morally obsolete machines”.

“We, through our vote, point out the problems and test this majority. If it does not stand behind this government, obviously many options open up and after one election new opportunities are created. I would argue that there is no new political situation and no new attitudes. These local elections have shown a serious shift in the influence of the formations, at this stage at the local level”, pointed out Vigenin.

On the subject of “Schengen”, he noted that there is no left-wing party in Europe from the PES that is against the entry of our country, and “the resistance comes from elsewhere – conservative and nationalist circles in these EPP parties”.

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