What is your moon sign and how does it affect you?

What is your moon sign and how does it affect you?
What is your moon sign and how does it affect you?

Ancient people knew how important is the relationship of man with nature, the universe and everything that surrounds us. They were able to read the movement of the heavenly bodies and understand how this affects each person. Alas, to date we have lost this ability. The fast-paced city life takes us further and further away from our essence, and a large percentage of people live without even knowing themselves.

That is why in the following lines we will share with you what the influence of your moon sign is and how it affects your life. It shows where the Moon was in the sky at the specific time of your birth. To calculate your moon sign, you need to know the date, place and time you were born. To do this, you can use some of the many online calculators. So if you have:

Moon in Aries

Your ruling planet is Mars; your main traits are: passionate, fiery, brave. With such a ruling planet, Aries is an intense, fiery, passionate sign. If your moon sign is in Aries, you feel more fulfilled when you are in an environment that allows you to talk about your feelings. The Moon in this sign indicates that you are very righteous, but also very action-oriented. For you, the sense of safety is strongly wrapped up in the desire to be free. You don’t want to be limited by life and everything that happens in it. You persistently seek autonomy and the opportunity to stand up for yourself.

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Moon in Taurus

Your ruling planet is Venus, and your main character traits are: grounded, stable, calming. If you have a Taurus moon sign, it means that you express your love in the form of giving or receiving gifts. Most likely, you want to feel comfortable and cozy, and your lifestyle proves it. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but this tendency of yours can lead you to maintain relationships and relationships where the material environment is good. We should also mention that good sex is quite important to you in a relationship. If it’s missing, you might be inclined to look for something else.

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Moon in Gemini

Mercury is your ruling planet. Your main traits are: curious, analytical, inquisitive. If your moon sign is in Gemini, you need to be heard and listened to both in life and at work. You don’t like interacting with people, but what you want strongly is to be welcomed well and understood. This also applies to relationships: you need a partner who is a good communicator. Otherwise, you will not feel satisfied. You have a constant need to work to feel satisfied and at peace with yourself. You may have to juggle more than one relationship at a time to find the one you really like.

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Moon in Cancer

Your ruling planet is the Moon itself. And the key traits that best characterize you are: sensitive, supportive, vulnerable. Cancer is sensitive, constantly changing, constantly going through different emotions just like the phases of the moon. With a Cancer moon sign, it is very likely that you are quite emotional and tend to feel many different feelings all at once. You want to take care of others, but deep down you also want to make sure that someone is taking good care of you too, and you need someone to understand how you feel. Cancer is a moon sign that is heavily influenced by the cycles of the moon, so this affects you. You may pay attention to this to better understand your emotional needs.

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Moon in Leo

Your ruling planet is the Sun. Your main traits are: artistic, expressive, lively. Since your ruling planet is the Sun, you like to shine. The Leo moon sign makes you crave to be the center of attention. This can manifest in a special kind of magnetism that really draws people to you. You have an emotional need to be appreciated, whether it’s an emotional connection or a work relationship. You just need to feel that people recognize you as special. Even though you want everyone to see how amazing you are, learn to accept that the world doesn’t always revolve around you.

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