WATCH LIVE: Protest against Borislav Mihailov’s BFS

WATCH LIVE: Protest against Borislav Mihailov’s BFS
WATCH LIVE: Protest against Borislav Mihailov’s BFS

Hundreds of football supporters flocked to the central streets of Sofia in an unprecedented, unifying protest against the insolent management of the Bulgarian Football Union, led by the president of the headquarters, Borislav Mihailov.

The protest takes place on the day Bulgaria hosts Hungary in the European qualification in front of empty stands at the “Vasil Levski” stadium. Empty, because this is how the BFS management chose it, which is afraid of the voice of the fans, who are categorical:

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“It’s time for a change”.

Zapalyankovci of CSKA, Levski, Botev Plovdiv, Lokomotiv Plovdiv, Black Sea, Pirin Blagoevgrad and of other football clubs in our country, as well as ordinary citizens, blocked Sofia during rush hour. They were guarded by more than 1,600 police officersbuilt in service by the SDVR and collected from all corners of Bulgaria.

Such unprecedented security measures and so many guards on the part of the SDVR, they were never needed for the preservation of order at any other sports event ever held on the territory not only of Sofia, but of Bulgaria.

Something more.

However, the leadership of the BFS was not satisfied with only these 1,600 uniformed soldiers from the SDVR, and ordered additional security at the empty National Stadium to three private companies. Each of these private security companies provided the services of about 300 more guards in total.

Watch the mass protest ahead of the scandal-ridden Euro qualifier with Hungary, which will end up being played in front of empty stands.

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