The protest against BFS has started, fans are already gathering around the Vasil Levski National Stadium


A large protest against the leadership of the Bulgarian Football Union began today in Sofia. Thousands of supporters from the capital and the country took part in the action, which started shortly after 17:00 in the area of ​​the Vasil Levski National Stadium in Sofia.

Zapalyankovites chanted “Resignation” and offensive qualifications to the Bulgarian Football Union. A group of Hungarian ultras also joined the protest. Fans fixed a banner with “Resignation. 18 years are enough” on one of the pylons of Orlov Most, referring to the period of rule of the president of the BFS Borislav Mihailov.

The police stopped Black Sea supporters at the entrance to Sofia, forcing them to sign declarations

They forced them to sign declarations

The main demands of the protesters are the immediate resignation of Mihailov and the entire management of the headquarters and the scheduling of an extraordinary Congress until February 2024, at which a new leadership will be elected.

About 1,600 police officers from the Security and Defense Service have been engaged for the security of the event. Law enforcement officers closed the approaches to the stadium already in the early afternoon, and the movement of motor vehicles along Evlogi Georgiev Boulevard in the area in front of the Vasil Levski Stadium is stopped and only public transport buses are allowed through. A water cannon is also available to those in uniform. Shortly after 5:30 p.m., some of the Zalyankov residents arrived at Orlov Most, and traffic there was also stopped.


The organizers of the protest called for the event to pass peacefully, with every Bulgarian fan expressing his opinion and position with chants, banners, flags and permitted pyrotechnics, observing the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, without breaking the rules and aggression against the law enforcement agencies.

The national football team of Bulgaria will play tonight at 19:00 a European qualifier against Hungary behind closed doors at the Vasil Levski stadium.

All of Bulgaria shows what it thinks about Mihailov and the BFS

All of Bulgaria shows what it thinks about Mihailov and the BFS

It’s time to protest

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