Taiwan and global issues were at the center of discussions

Taiwan and global issues were at the center of discussions
Taiwan and global issues were at the center of discussions

The US presidents and the Chinese president discussed the Taiwan eagle issue, the fight against drug addiction, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the events in the Gaza Strip, and technological sanctions at the meeting.

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The US and China cooperate in the fight against drugs, military relations and artificial intelligence. This was announced by US President Joseph Biden after his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco.

“I believe that we have made significant progress in our relations with China. “I am pleased to announce that the United States and the People’s Republic of China have resumed cooperation on the fight against drug addiction after many years,” Biden told reporters.

Biden noted that fentanyl is the leading cause of death in Americans 18-49 years old.

“Today, with this new concept, we are taking steps to significantly reduce the flow of precursor chemicals and tablets from China to the Western Hemisphere. Bu haitni saklab koladi va men rais Xi Jinping bu ishga zadoliligini qadrlaiman, “said the US leader.

The US president said that he would return to “open, clear and direct dialogue” with China on the military front and emphasized that this development was “critical”.

Biden also said that the United States and China will gather their experts “to discuss the risk and security issues related to artificial intelligence.”

The American leader said that during the meeting with his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping, views were exchanged on a number of global issues, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the events in the Gaza Strip.

According to Biden, in his meeting with Xi Jinping, he emphasized the importance of maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait and opposed the situations that put American businesses and workers in a disadvantageous situation.

“I applaud our positive steps,” Biden said, adding that the United States and China will continue to “maintain and support high-level diplomacy.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping made it clear to the Washington administration that it should not support Taiwan’s independence and should not try to hinder China’s technological development through export restrictions, capital controls and unilateral sanctions.

According to the information of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, during the meeting, the two heads of state exchanged views on wide-ranging and strategic issues related to China-US relations, as well as ensuring peace and stability throughout the world.

At the meeting, Xi Jinping paid attention to the main points of negotiation on the Taiwan issue and technological competition, as well as the principles of maintaining healthy relations between the two countries.

“The United States must refrain from supporting Taiwan independence, stop disarming Taiwan, and take concrete steps to fulfill its obligations to support its peaceful reunification with China,” the Chinese president said.

The Chinese leader emphasized that Beijing wants to achieve reunification with Taiwan and that there is no way to prevent it.

As Xi Jinping said, in recent times, the United States’ export restrictions in the chip sector, capital controls on advanced technologies, and unilateral sanctions are harming China’s legitimate interests.

“Obstructing China’s technological development is hindering quality development and depriving the Chinese people of their right to development,” the Chinese leader said.

According to the Chinese leader, the world is big enough for both the US and China. “The success of one state is an opportunity for another,” he said.

The Chinese president emphasized the equality of two state leaders for their people, the world, and history.

“Two big countries like China and the United States can’t use each other. “There is enough life on Earth for these two states to succeed,” said the Chinese leader.

The Chinese president emphasized that there are two ways in relations with the USA. “On the one hand, through solidarity and cooperation, you help global security and prosperity, on the other, you provoke enmity and antagonism,” he said.

Xi Jinping emphasized that China is a hegemonic country and that no one can win a war by force.

“No matter what stage of development China reaches, it will never aspire to hegemony or expansion, and it will never impose its will on others,” concluded the Chinese leader.

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