The protest against Bobi Mihailov and the BFS


Football fans of various clubs in the country, including CSKA and Levski, united in an unprecedented way and protested against Borislav Mihailov’s 18-year rule in BFS. At the same time, the national team of Bulgaria has a European qualification against Hungary behind closed doors at the Vasil Levski stadium at 19:00. The police in Sofia took unprecedented measures to prevent supporters from entering the sports facility, which remained empty.

18.20 hours

Football fans started throwing bombs and rockets at the police. Police fired a water cannon at the barricade and warned that force would be used if they did not stop.

17.50 hours

Protesters sing the national anthem and demand resignation.

17.40 hours

CSKA fans blocked a key intersection near the stadium – Orlov Most.

5:30 p.m

Bulgarian and Hungarian fans come together to the protest against the BFS management around the Vasil Levski National Stadium. All approaches to “Evlogi Georgiev” – from “Dragan Tsankov” and from “Orlov Most” are blocked by the police. All fans will be gathered in the zone by the Ministry of Sports (“Vasil Levski” Blvd.) on “Gurko” Street, shortly before “Evlogi Georgiev”.

17.00 hours

The uniformed have formed a perimeter around the National Stadium from the Orlov Bridge, near the monument to the Soviet Army and in the Boris Garden in front of the CSKA “Bulgarian Army” stadium and around the public transport stop at the corner of “Dragan Tsankov” and “Evlogi Georgiev” boulevards.

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