In Ukraine, criminal proceedings against criticism of Zelenskiy Arestovich have begun


Police in Ukraine have opened criminal proceedings against Oleksiy Arestovich, the former freelance adviser in the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky. People’s deputy from the “Voice” party and public figure in Lviv Nataliya Pipa announced this in her Telegram channel, specifying that she received the information from sources in the National Police.

Subsequently, the police themselves officially confirmed. The investigators have initiated criminal proceedings under point 1 of Art. 383 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (deliberate false reporting of a crime) following a report by a group of deputies.

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Arestovich is a rather controversial and scandalous figure in the Ukrainian public space. Recently, he officially announced that he will run in the next presidential elections in Ukraine. In addition, lately he has been speaking out more and more harshly against Zelensky and his cabinet, as well as against his policies.

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