The president will not release the director of DANS – Around the world and in our country

The president will not release the director of DANS – Around the world and in our country
The president will not release the director of DANS – Around the world and in our country

President Rumen Radev has sent a written refusal to Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov for the release of the director of DANS.

Denkov demanded the resignation of Plamen Tonchev last week over the machine voting report that led to the cancellation of the machine vote in the first round of the local elections.

“The case with the chairman of DANS is over. Today I sent an official official refusal of the Prime Minister’s request for his release, because the reasons do not fit. DANS is keeping the law with its actions,” he said categorically.

While parliament and government are playing for power, a number of destructive processes are taking place in Bulgaria, the president also commented.

He commented on the fee for the transfer of Russian gas and the debt of “Bulgartransgaz”, saying that Bulgaria “is becoming narrow for the obsession with greatness of some people”.

“A month ago I said that the new installment (for the transfer of Russian gas – b.b.) would decapitalize Bulgartransgaz and there would be a very negative reaction in Europe. Then the rulers loudly denied it. Today, it seems, they are beginning to realize the damage they are causing themselves “.

The debt of “Bulgartransgaz” is already over BGN 250 million and there is no way to write it off from the company’s balance sheet – revenues in the budget from the contribution for transmission will not come, Radev also pointed out.

“And Bulgaria is already showing itself as an unreliable partner, and Hungary will in all probability appeal to the EU court against us, and that same Hungary, which is our ally and partner. The same Hungary with whom I visited just two weeks ago, thanks of friendship and good work, an agreement was signed, which turns Bulgaria into an important factor in the supply of liquefied gas in Europe,” he said.

Radev described as a farce the finance minister’s interview with the “Financial Times”, in which Asen Vassilev says that the purpose of the transmission fee is to make supplies more expensive and make it unprofitable to import Russian gas to Hungary.

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The President participated in the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Union of Bulgarian Writers. The celebrations marking the anniversary of the founding of the creative association are held under the patronage of the head of state.

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