A 25-year-old man punched the mother of his three children, threatened her with death


A 25-year-old man has been charged with causing bodily harm and threatening to kill. The acts were committed under conditions of domestic violence.

The man beat the woman with whom he lives on a family basis and has three children. He struck her head and body with fists, kicks and a broom handle.

The act was preceded by systematic physical and mental violence against the victim. The woman has traumatic injuries – bruises and hemorrhaging.

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In addition, the accused threatened to kill the woman, which could have aroused a reasonable fear in her for its implementation.

He was convicted of intentional crimes of a general nature with sentences entered into legal force – causing bodily harm in the context of domestic violence against the same woman.

The accused has poor character data, numerous forensic records, well-established criminal habits and is a person with a high degree of public danger. He was detained for a period of up to 72 hours by decree of a prosecutor. An application for a remand order against him is pending in court.

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The article is in bulgaria

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