Kiril Petkov: We are not afraid of the fall of the government

Kiril Petkov: We are not afraid of the fall of the government
Kiril Petkov: We are not afraid of the fall of the government

We will not put the state in an energy risk, said the co-chairman of “Continuing the change” Kiril Petkov in the program “Face to Face” on bTV. We are not afraid of the risk of the government falling, he is categorical.

Earlier today, the Security Council, convened by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, discussed the appropriate date for the end of the derogation for Russian oil. Canceling the derogation before March 1 next year carries risks, Kiril Petkov said after the meeting. The National Assembly then rejected the bill to drop the derogation within three days.

“For three days, no amount of oil can be negotiated, the prices will be high, the refinery can stop. Putting all this on the counter are political games,” stated Kiril Petkov, quoted by BTA.

According to him, an attempt was made today to set a “political trap” for the government. On the one hand, for them to set an unrealistic deadline and for us to reject it, and for them to say that we are a “Putin” coalition. On the other hand, if we vote with them, the prices will jump so much that all Bulgarian citizens will make huge protests in one or two weeks. If I am a voter, I will say – “the prime minister is Mr. Denkov, why did he agree?”, explained Petkov.

He also commented that there is a huge consolidation with DPS and GERB and they work as one party. According to Kiril Petkov, the real political problem is that GERB lost Sofia and Varna. “They still can’t swallow this loss and are currently wondering where to get some political instability and make political traps for us,” he noted.

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