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2024 begins with fatigue, but it will end with money

2024 begins with fatigue, but it will end with money
2024 begins with fatigue, but it will end with money

In the book “Lunar Calendar of Beauty” I have indicated when to conceive or lose weight


Svetlana Tilkova-Alena graduated from International Economic Relations and Economic Journalism at VII “Karl Marx” – now UNSS. For many years she practiced the profession in our country and abroad. He studied numerology from 1971 and astrology from 1977.

– Alena, what should each of the 12 zodiac signs prepare for through your annual astrological horoscope in your books?

– In 2024, those born in Aries will vacillate between the desire to communicate more than their free time, the correct but difficult judgment of the new people they allow into their lives, and the desire to build a career. Their zeal is more than usual.

For those born in Taurus, the first months of the year are full of difficulties, but as much as they irritate them, they overcome them and move forward, so fate will reward them in the second half of 2024 with excellent achievements and harmonious relationships. Throughout the year to be kept from users.

For Gemini, the year will go through many ups and downs, a consequence of their characteristic rashness. Success will follow if they are patient and find the balance between their material aspirations and wasting money.

Cancers will experience a year full of emotional acquaintances and facts and events, some of which will make them happy, others will set them up romantically, and others will make them nervous. Their increased intolerance of hypocrisy will lead to conflicts and broken relationships.

For Leo, the year 2024 is subject to a lot of work, marked by the sign of success and increased income. They are asked to build a professional career, but with caution, without haste in actions and words. They will express their true feelings and desires and will not worry about being understood. To be careful with their generosity so as not to lick wounds.

The year of Saturn helps the Virgo-born to succeed, to earn well, but it requires them to control their emotions and rashness. Their thoughts are only related to earning money to the extent that they forget about their personal life, which may surprise them with a crisis in their marriage.

For Libra, the year is full of emotions, pleasant and negative, but at the same time it is favorable and helps them make a new beginning. Emotional in its first half, impulsive and hasty in the second. It is up to them to master both of their conditions, because they may unexpectedly find themselves isolated from their environment and from those closest to them because of nagging innuendos.

Moderate, constant and extremely durable are those born in Scorpio. They have a chance to be the caressers of fate, as long as their characteristic stubbornness does not push them down the wrong path. In the first half of the year, it is good for them to realize the cause of their problems and do what is necessary to overcome them. If they don’t do it before the summer, serious problems and losses at the end of the year will be inevitable.

A Sagittarius’ life will be whirlwind at a fast pace and will require them to make major changes, travel and take even the smallest steps towards achieving their big life goals. Their professional development is on the rise. They will make enemies because of the self-confidence of knowing in any situation.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, and vibration 8 rule in 2024. For those born under this sign, the year is full of ventures, successful incomes, as long as they avoid the traps, because they are restless, driven, but also prone to squandering, with which they fail their good opportunities. They will tease with their display of jealousy.

For Aquarius, 2024 is a strange, special time. Once, because Saturn, as the second ruler of Aquarius, forces them to create only positive karma. The second time, because they are required to show tolerance towards others, not to be insultingly critical, not to overdo the demands, not to be hasty. Willingness to impose their opinion will be expressed.

For Pisces, the year is full of many opportunities. Change or rise in the professional field, career development, good income, inclusion in a new environment, meetings with interesting people, with some of whom the relationship may turn into personal and romantic ones. They are obsessed with the desire to succeed, but success will come to them gradually, through ups and downs.

– What should we expect from the upcoming 2024, which is under the influence of vibration 8 and Saturn?

– Saturn is the planet of limitation, but also of reckoning. Everyone – state, society, person, will receive the deserved punishment for the evil done, as well as for the unsolicited good.

Shall we grit our teeth for life in extremes next year?

– For quite a few of our compatriots, the year will be easy, they will earn well, they will not be interested in and affected by what is happening in the country, they will travel outside Bulgaria, they will enjoy their superiority over the unhappy crowd. For the majority, however, the year will not be easy. Ahead of us is the fifth consecutive difficult year out of nine, for now at least, possible. Saturn, the planet of karma, promises us a life of extremes – an easy, but also extremely difficult year for each of us, as well as for the rulers, whoever they may be.

– Should people in Bulgaria be worried about their financial security in 2024?

– As always, it’s different for everyone. As an economist, I will say that when salaries, pensions, public spending increase, but not because of a well-functioning economy, but as a result of taking on government debts, the crisis, the sharp tightening of the belt, will fall on all of us. It may be a few years from now, but we won’t avoid it.

– Your traditional annual book “Your Calendar 2024” for the 22nd time in a row gives us information about every month and day of it, for every date of birth. Why is the publication important for every family?

– The book is a handbook for the whole family, because for each birth date based on everyone’s personal year in 2024, I have indicated which month and which date of each month what they are suitable for and what will end in failure if started in bad day For each birthday I have indicated the difficult periods and how to avoid them. When to invest money and when not to spend.

– You say that the year will pass under the motto “Fatigue, work, success, money”. How are we to understand this message?

– The new 2024 begins with fatigue, a legacy of the difficult 2023, mental fatigue from life full of trials, from the indifference of not a few people. Tired of political quackery, of fear for tomorrow. For many, this condition will be overcome, they will throw themselves into work, and it will bring them money, because the year is subject to increased income.

What can we find in the book “Lunar Beauty Calendar 2024”?

– Just practical health and beauty tips. For each day of the year, I have indicated the prohibited and permitted procedures, the days suitable for treatment and extraction of teeth, for modeling and losing weight, for conception, as well as the periods during which the diet has the desired effect.

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