LIVE: Bulgaria – Hungary 0:1 – BG Football – National team

LIVE: Bulgaria – Hungary 0:1 – BG Football – National team
LIVE: Bulgaria – Hungary 0:1 – BG Football – National team

Bulgaria and Hungary are tied 0-1 in UEFA EURO 2024 Group G qualifiers. Martin Adam opened the scoring for the Hungarians in the 10th minute.

In the first minute, the captain of Hungary – Dominik Soboslay, received a short pass on an indirect free kick from Adam Nagy and tried a shot from a serious distance, but quite inaccurate. The Hungarians continued their high press against our team, who had retreated into their own half in the opening minutes of the match.

In the third, the “Hungarians” combined quickly from the left, and Calum Stiles shot from a very small angle and sent the ball wide of Naumov’s goal. The Hungarians’ pressure continued at the same pace and Attila Salaj delivered a cross from the left to Martin Adam and the bearded opposition No9 headed wide.

In the tenth minute of the match, Hungary took the lead. This happened after the guests received a foul on the right, and Dominik Soboslay was behind the ball. The Liverpool superstar crossed powerfully in front of goalkeeper Naumov, where Adam headed the ball past the Lions’ keeper from close range – 1-0 to Hungary.

After 20 minutes of play came the first opportunity for the native national team. Filip Krastev brought out Kiril Despodov after a mistake by the Hungarians, but the former player of Ludogorets got in the way very seriously and a defender of the Hungarians pushed the native captain.

LIVE / Bulgaria – Hungary 0:1

Bulgaria: 1. Daniel Naumov, 2. Viktor Popov, 4. Iliya Gruev, 5. Alex Petkov, 6. Valentin Antov, 9. Spas Delev, 11. Kiril Despodov /k/, 14. Anton Nedyalkov, 18. Ivaylo Chochev, 20. Filip Krastev, 21. Martin Minchev

Breeder: Ilian Iliev

Hungary: 1. Denesh Dybush, 2. Adam Lang, 4. Attila Salai, 7. Loic Nego, 8. Adam Nagy, 9. Martin Adam, 10. Dominic Soboslay /k/, 11. Milos Kerkes, 17. Callum Styles, 21. Endre Botka, 23. Kevin Schobot

Breeder: Marco Rossi

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