Live: Water cannons, stones and a burning police bus at the protest against Bobi Mihailov – Important today

  • SDVR used water cannons against football fans who took to the streets of Sofia calling for the resignation of Bobi Mihailov.
  • 14 people were injured during the disturbances – 4 policemen and 10 protesters.
  • On “Vasil Levski” and “Gurko” boulevards, next to the building of the Ministry of Sports, a police van was set on fire.
  • Against the background of the protests – the result of the match Bulgaria-Hungary is 2:1 in front of the empty stands of the stadium.
  • Bulgaria remained with 10 men on the field due to Valentin Antov’s red card. A red card was also shown to Ilia Gruev just 5 minutes later, but it was overturned after a VAR review.

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The mass protest of football fans blocked several boulevards in the center of Sofia shortly before the start of the match between Bulgaria and Hungary.

Tension came to a head around 6:30 p.m. after stones were thrown at the police officers guarding the area around the stadium.

The agitators had divided into several beams around the entrances to the stadium, and the SDVR mobilized about 1,600 uniformed men to keep order.

During the provocation with the stones, the police began to disperse the protest and turned on the water cannon.

Meanwhile, members of the BFS Executive Committee such as Yordan Lechkov and Emil Kostadinov and the head of the professional football league Atanas Karaivanov had gathered at the stadium.

Part of the CSKA fans temporarily blocked traffic across Orlov Most.

Supporters of “Levski” occupy the space on the west side of the stadium next to “Dragan Tsankov”. There is also a large group of fans on “Gurko” in front of the Sports Palace.

Hungarians have also come to Sofia, who will not be allowed to the stadium, but they are also among the multitude in the group with “Levski”.

The BFS forced UEFA to ban the presence of the public at the national team’s match at Vasil Levski Stadium after realizing that a large procession was being prepared with demands for the resignation of Bobi Mihailov and the Executive Committee. This further provoked the anger of the fans.

People carry posters with Mikhailov’s face crossed out and the words “18 years is enough”.

In the streets, thousands of people are chanting “Resignation” and “K** for the BFS”.

The match between Bulgaria and Hungary starts at 19:00 with empty stands.

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