it is good for a man to leave on time when he has finished his work

it is good for a man to leave on time when he has finished his work
it is good for a man to leave on time when he has finished his work

The finance minister takes it as a compliment that he is the most attacked cabinet minister

There is still a gratuity tax, but it is 30%, and we propose to reduce it to 10%

This is how Minister Vasilev answered a question about how he views the fact that he is the most attacked minister in the cabinet. “I am not married to this job, if I can be useful, I will do it, if not, I will leave,” Vassilev also stated. You see what happens if you stay too long. It is good for a person to leave on time when he has finished his work.

According to him, the rotation is agreed between PP/DB and GERB and he does not see what can change who is in charge of DPS.

He confirmed the request for the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, but left the decision to Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov.

On the occasion of today’s conversation about the derogation, Vassilev clarified that there was a most normal conversation about not having more money go to “Lukoil” and from there to Putin, and at the same time not to affect normal work and normal prices in our market. The decision taken meets both conditions.

we had a normal conversation in which – no more money should go to Lukoil, and fuel prices should not be raised for Bulgarian citizens. The decision protects both points – we stop the export, and on March 1, without jeopardizing the submission, the derogation is stopped completely.

Vassilev did not confirm the claims of BGN 1 billion leaked to Russia. Profit tax is BGN 400 million and these are the facts, he said.

“Colleagues had concerns about the BGN 2 billion gas transmission fees, so we removed them from the revenue part and reduced the capital program by the same amount. So the deficit remains within the 3% we need for Schengen and the Eurozone, he added .

Vassilev also specified that he monitors the collection of revenues every day. They are going well, he reported. VAT on transactions in the country is 16% more, there is a deficit in VAT on imports, but it will be compensated.

“Tips are still taxed at the moment, but with a total of 30% – tax and insurance, but they are paid in cash and no one pays them. If they are taxed at 10%, it would lighten this payment, so we are actually proposing a tax reduction for them, which is a good way to collect them”, he also said on the occasion of one of the most contested measures included in the budget.

“We are not accumulating debt”, the minister was categorical. And cut off- when GDP grows, debt may also grow, but the ratio falls. And he gave an example – in 2020 the debt was about 28% of GDP, in 2021-2022 it decreases, we end 2023 with 23%.

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