What is the name of the largest river originating from Vitosha


The Struma River is a living connection between the mountain and the Bulgarian lands, flowing through three regions – Pernishka, Kyustendilska and Blagoevgradska. Struma springs about 250 meters from the top of Cherni Vrah in Vitosha, which marks the beginning of its journey.

Where does the Struma river originate?

Upper current

Passing through numerous settlements, the Struma River displays a riot of beautiful natural landscapes. Its upper course includes Chuipetlovo, Bosnek, Studena dam, and others. Through the Perniška, Radomir, and Kyustendil basins, it creates amazing places such as Zemenski prolom. This section ends at the mouth of the German River.

Medium current

Continuing through the Blagoevgrad valley and the Kresna gorge, the Struma passes through Kresna and extends into the Sandansko-Petrichko field. Here the river becomes wider and more varied, forming sand islands.


The lower stream passes through the Maricostina Gorge and the Maricostina Field before reaching the border with Greece. After joining the Pirinska Bistrica River, the Struma ends its journey in the White Sea at the Struma Bay.

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Interesting facts about the Struma River:

Viticulture/Winemaking: The Struma River runs through one of the country’s best wine-growing and wine-growing regions, where red wines such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and broad mill vine are grown.

Water quality: Struma’s waters are known for their purity and richness of oxygen, with numerous dams such as Pčelina and Studena providing important water resources.

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Energy production: The river is a source of energy with as many as 14 hydroelectric plants, with the Studena Hydroelectric Plant being the largest of them.

Landmarks: In addition to its natural beauty, Struma also encompasses historical and cultural treasures such as the Zemensky gorge, the Kresnensky gorge, the extinct Kozhuh volcano, the Krakra fortress and the unique Kadin/Nevestin bridge.

The Struma River, the largest river originating from Vitosha, is not just a waterway, but also an important symbol of Bulgaria’s nature and culture. Its course through different areas reveals the beauty and diversity of this unique region. From the high peaks of Cherni Vrah to the mystical Kresnen Gorge, the Struma River retains its magic, making Vitosha an even more exciting place to walk.

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