Retailers first raise prices and then allegedly lower them for Black Friday

Retailers first raise prices and then allegedly lower them for Black Friday
Retailers first raise prices and then allegedly lower them for Black Friday
Gabriela Rumenova from We the Consumers revealed what to look out for when shopping on Black Friday in the show “Focus Day” by Radio “Focus”.

“Not indicating the old price of the item and highlighting only the promotional price is an administrative violation, because the user cannot find out what the real discount is,” said Rumenova.

Unfair trade practices are encountered, including attempts by traders to limit statutory consumer rights. “For example, when we shop online, we have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days. Traders are taking advantage of the Black Friday discount campaign to say that this rule goes away while it lasts. That’s not right – the rule remains , regardless of the fact that the product was purchased during a promotion. The right to make a complaint does not waive if the product turns out to be defective,” Gabriela Rumenova gave important explanations.

A merchant can set any conditions during Black Friday, but they must be in line with the law. “First, the consumer turns to the trader, if his request is not satisfied, the competent institutions and consumer organizations are then referred to”,

Rumenova explained the process of returning goods. We, the users, help users for free.

“The merchant sometimes raises the price of the product for a short time in order to reduce it during Black Friday by a more significant percentage. However, he is obliged to apply the old price – the one from which he made the reduction, at least one month before the campaign for a reduction. Otherwise, the reduction is considered fictitious and sanctions are foreseen,” warned Rumenova.

Often the quantities of an item are said to be running out and the user is invited to order it online within a few minutes in order not to miss the promotion. “Bet on 2-3 very popular items, sponsored posts are published with their participation, users click and get to the page that does not offer them this product – it no longer exists in the e-store. It is possible that this item will never be was offered by the site in question, but to serve only as a “hook” to attract the attention of the client”, Rumenova gave details on the subject.

Black Friday is pretty exhausting for consumers because everywhere they go and whatever they open online, deals pop up. Usually it is about goods that we were interested in and that were offered to us through our online history, Gabriela Rumenova emphasized.

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