Cry for help! Father of two, fighting for his life, funds urgently needed

Cry for help! Father of two, fighting for his life, funds urgently needed
Cry for help! Father of two, fighting for his life, funds urgently needed

Georgi Koleolov is from Ruse, the father of two sunny girls, who has been fighting for his life for two years. In 2021, the family hears the diagnosis of a brain tumor that turns their lives upside down. After unsuccessful treatment in Bulgaria, Georgi’s wife sought help in a clinic in Turkey

For more than a year, the struggle continues there, the family keeps losing hope, but the difficulties are many, the funds are not enough.

This is what Kornelia Koleolova, Georgi’s wife, shared, desperately asking for help:

“Dear People, friends and benefactors!

After the lull of almost three weeks, the inevitable is a fact.

This morning the kind Habibe from Anadolu Clinic woke me up to inform me that an invoice for 18900€ is pending payment. The deadline is Friday. If we do not pay this obligation by the end of the week, they will be forced to discharge Gosho.

About 2,400 euros have been collected in the platform.

I have 4 days to find, collect and transfer the rest of Anadolu Clinic.

This is an amount that has already been spent on Gosho’s treatment and rehabilitation.

And in order to continue with the next infusions of Altuz@n for November, he must secure an advance of at least 15,000 euros.

Friends, can you help me again?

For the hundredth, for the thousandth time, will you support me in the fight to save Gosho’s life and the hope of the children and me, that our family will be whole again?

I am not on the verge of despair. I’m up to my neck in the swamp and I’m asking you to help!

19 months of struggle, daily battles, ups and downs, in which we refute together the inevitability of the sentence given to Georgi. He is alive. He wants to live. He wants to come home and be with us. The tumor is not growing. It does not metastasize. But this is only and only thanks to the accurate treatment and the professional care of the hospital staff. We owe this to you, to your love and mercy.

Don’t leave us!”

The donation account is in the Post Bank:

IBAN BG84BPBI79214040909702

Kornelia Lubomirova Romanova-Koleolova

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