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Dear PIK readers,

I have been going to matches since 1955. In 1992-1995 I was in Levski’s management under President Lafchis. I was lucky enough to see us knock out Glasgow Rangers after two away goals in front of the Great Sean Connery, go down 2-3 and knock them out 2-1 in Sofia with a bombshell Niki Todorov Kaisera goal in the dying seconds. Vasil Levski Stadium lit with torches.

From 2001 to 2014, I was the chairman of PFK Levski under Mishata, Chorni, and then under Toshko Batkov. Again I was lucky enough to see live Murray and Nasco getting us into the Champions League before the country was in the EU. After we were also in the eight of UEFA. Teams like Marseille with Barthez and Ribery fell like pears to Gerena.

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From 2000 to 2004, the unforgettable Ivan Slavkov – the Father and the football man Ivan Vutsov took me as vice president of the BFS. And luck again: we beat Belgium in Brussels with 2:0. Stiliyan Petrov scored the second goal. It’s still before my eyes with a bandaged head game. The first goal in the pouring rain came after Martin Petrov outran the Belgians like Malkia Muk from the left and Jankovic intercepted meters from the goal. Immediately after that, with the brilliant Berbatov, we beat the strong Croatians with the legendary brothers Kovacs, Bokšić, etc. This was our last ranking at a major forum – the European Football Championship with coach Plamen Markov.

Today is a memorable day for Bulgarian football! Exactly 30 years ago, at the last second, Emo Kostadinov slaughtered the Roosters in Paris. For the American Summer of the Foam Squad 1994 to come.

Bulgaria became fourth in the world. I was at the stadium on July 10 when Dancho Lechkov’s goal brought the whole of Bulgaria to the streets.

In order for this match to come, however, penalties with Mexico had to be saved, and Bobby Mihailov did it… And how else!

Therefore, on this day I expected to remember this great team led by Hristo Stoichkov. For Nasko Sirakov’s goal with Argentina’s header after Krasi Balakov’s brilliant crown.

Let’s remember that we also gave something to world football.

I watch a group of journalists surrounded Bobi Mihailov in ecstasy shouting: Society wants to know if he will resign?!

To place the blame for the state of native football on Bobby alone is unfair, primitive and a refusal to discuss why we got here.

Why doesn’t society ask why we don’t have a national stadium like the handsome Ferenc Puskas in Budapest! How is it possible that 35 years after the change we are driving with the stadium from Comrade Zhivkov’s time.

How is it possible for countries like Albania and Macedonia to have European stadiums in their capitals without being members of the EU.

How is it possible that the state has not made a single football academy like the Puskas Academy in Hungary, about which Stoichkov made a film about, American television, and yesterday Orban watched the match at the “Pancho Arena” between Israel and Belgium / Pancho is the name of Puskas in Real Madrid/.

Isn’t it funny that a big club like CSKA doesn’t have a modern stadium like the small Transylvanian town Spesi in Romania. Orbán built it for the ethnic Hungarians there. When he went to the match in Craiova, he was welcomed as King and the stadium sang: “We are one blood!”. Touching work…

Why does Bulgaria not have a law on tax relief for business entities investing in sports like in Hungary. Why don’t Bulgarian taxpayers have the right to indicate that 1% of their tax goes to football infrastructure, as in Hungary.

Denkov writes letters to UEFA… Instead of the Council of Ministers submitting to the parliament a Law for the development of sports and football infrastructure.

Every month Khimika meets Orban at the European Council. To ask him how he built nearly 40 stadiums and a dozen football academies. And stadiums abroad like the jewel in Osijek, Croatia.

Bulgaria changed many prime ministers during the transition years. Only Boyko loved and did something for sports. Armeets Hall and the football stadium of Botev Plovdiv. The other Plovdiv grand – Lokoto, give the world and Bulgaria Hristo Bonev – is coming.

THEREFORE, THE PUBLIC should know that the BFS has a COLLECTIVE leadership. It includes famous and rich Bulgarians such as Domuschiev and Spas Rusev. Smart people. To hear the Society and their point of view.

I am not a lawyer for Bobby, Kostadinov and Lechkov. I last saw them at the end of March at the match in Budapest. I saw with what OPEN EYES THEY WATCHED THE JEWEL for 68,000 called “Pushkas Arena”. But BFS does not build stadiums… The state builds, including with a public-private partnership.


It’s normal to want to have Gundy.. I’m the last generation that watched him… I was 21 when he left… We’re waiting for another Stoichkov with the Ballon d’Or… A new Bulgarian in a big team like Berbatov. But we don’t have… And while we’re waiting, we’re shrinking and as a nation, few children are being born.. As things have gone, there’s no one to kick.

I’m not sure that there should be protests at a match of the national team, and in front of foreigners.. In Hungary, this was always unacceptable under communism and democracy.. And they waited 20 years with nostalgia for Puskas, Kocs, Tsibor, Grosic , Hidekuti, Albert…

But 2010 country and Football joined hands in the name of the beloved game. The national team is going to the third European in a row and defeated England as a guest with the 4th after us and Germany as a guest.

It took 13 years for the duo of Viktor Orbán and Sándor Cani, a billionaire banker, to get Hungarian football back on its feet.

There will be a Football Congress in Bulgaria. Bobby will leave. Until a new president is elected, let’s hire Sandor Cani. The man is the owner of our best bank DSK/OTP/. Toku-viz made a round table “Where is football going in BG”

Georgi Markov, especially for PIK

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