LIVE: Bare Knuckle Fight – Fights – MMA

LIVE: Bare Knuckle Fight – Fights – MMA
LIVE: Bare Knuckle Fight – Fights – MMA

Bare Knuckle Fighting has already started and you can follow live on DIEMA SPORT 2. On we will also cover everything more interesting.

All 12 bouts are under the rules of BKFC – bare-handed boxing, which guarantees extremely dynamic fights at fast speeds and a lot of adrenaline and spectacle.

The main fight of the evening will be between the multiple champion and president of the Sambo Federation – Rosen Dimitrov and his sworn enemy from the MMA fights – Todor Zhelyazkov.

Before them, in the round ring MMA fighter – Georgi Valentinov, will face the bare-handed boxing champion Boyan Kosednar from Slovenia.

In addition to them, we will also see the best fighters and champions of Bulgaria in a number of sports such as MMA, sambo, boxing, among them Vladislav Kanchev, Kaloyan Kolev, Mariyan Dimitrov, Veselin Ivanov – Ludiya, Martin Stoichkov and others.

Mahmoud Ahmed – Florin Lupu

Veselin Ivanov – The madman ruined Marco Giusterini

The eccentric Veselin Ivanov left no chance to Marco Giusterini and defeated him by knockout after three rounds.

The Italian began to take heavy blows from the beginning and in the third part he collapsed to the ground, which forced the referee to end the match.

“Crazy” immediately turned to the camera and called for the next opponent to prepare because he is ready for another fight.

Mladen Iliev put Yunus Batan to sleep for another Bulgarian victory

Mladen Iliev achieved a brutal victory over Yunus Batan. The Bulgarian knocked his opponent to the ground three times, but the last one was fatal.

Iliev found a right in the chin of Batan, who was literally asleep. The Turk had complaints about several of the punches, but the judges saw nothing wrong.

The fight between Steve Pash and Mehmed User ended with a torn bicep

One of the most exciting matches ended quickly and unpleasantly. Steve Pasch won, but the success came after Mahmed Yuzer tore his biceps.

The Frenchman landed some fearsome punches before his opponent was injured. The injury turned out to be very serious and the meeting was called off.

Angel Petkov broke from fighting Nikola Arsov in 5 rounds

Angel Petkov defeated Nikola Arsov after a very bloody match and referee’s decision.

Petkov started hesitantly, but gradually concentrated and began to dominate and land heavy punches.

The two gave their all and played all 5 rounds. In the last round, the match was stopped briefly due to a serious arcade in the face of Arsov. The injury had an impact, but the match was played to the end.

Nikola’s masculinity should be commended, but still the judges definitely voted for Angel Petkov, who recorded his first victory in Bare Knuckle Fight.

Martin Stoichkov lost after a spectacular knockout by Felipe Maia

Martin Stoichkov lost to Felipe Maia after a brutal knockout and a terrifying two rounds.

The battle between the two began very fiercely. Right from the beginning, several brutal blows were exchanged and it came to 3 knockdowns.

In the second round, the Bulgarian knocked out Maya very seriously, whose face suffered serious injuries. However, the Brazilian found strength and targeted the native participant very hard. This also ended the fight and brought victory to the very experienced fighter from South America.

Zdravko Dimitrov lost to Tomas Wojtela in the first match of the evening

Zdravko Dimitrov lost the first fight in Bare Knukle Fight to Tomas Wojtela.

The Slovak dominated the fight and sent the Bulgarian to a knockdown, but the outcome came in the third round.

Then Wojtyela poked Dimitrov in the eye and that ended the match.

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