The “Ada Tepe” exposition will be enriched with an outdoor part, showing how the ore was mined more than five millennia ago


The “Ada Tepe” exposition, which shows how ore and gold were mined more than five millennia ago, will be enriched with outdoor elements. This is what Janan Salif, “Corporate Social Responsibility” specialist at “Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad” said for BTA.
“We have 3D imaging of an underground mining gallery that was used by the Thracians. We expect a project to be developed soon, where a 3D model of this mining gallery will be made and we will turn one part into an open interactive museum collection”, Janan Salif explained. According to her, the plans are for this to happen next year.
The exhibition in Krumovgrad, which was opened a little over a year ago, is part of the commitments of the mining company currently working at the mine to preserve the archaeological heritage of Ada Tepe. While explorations of the company’s gold deposits are underway, archaeologists discover a Thracian sanctuary with various curious mining artifacts. To obtain permission for the concession, the company supported large-scale archaeological research, which led to the creation of the collection. In interactive ways, it presents each of the stages of mining in the past, recreated through short videos. In addition to seeing, visitors can also touch with their hands some of the objects and raw materials presented, such as earth mass.
“Science has proven that this is the oldest gold mine in all of Europe. The first miners climbed to extract gold on Ada Tepe during the Late Bronze Age, which is 1,500 BC,” says exhibition curator Leyla Edirneli. According to her, gold scrolls, which are supposed to have been mined on Ada Tepe, were found on the Ulubur ship discovered in the Mediterranean Sea near the Turkish city of Kas. It is also said that the gold of Troy was also mined on Ada Tepe.
Gold was mined in the mine for about 200 years, after which a settlement of shepherds and farmers continued to exist on the site. In addition to mining thousands of years ago and its parallel with modern times, through Dundee Precious Metals, the exhibition also shows parts of people’s lives at that time – their produce, cutting tools and tools. Created in the summer of 2022, it has already gained popularity and is enjoyed by both Bulgarian and foreign visitors, as far away as Japan.

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