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There are two names that are mentioned most often in the public space yesterday and today – Nayden Shopov and Tanya Kolchakova – Yaneva. The two are contenders for the chairman’s place in the municipal council of the Pazardzhik municipality, but neither of them managed to win a qualified majority in the two days. A third selection is currently underway. The vote is secret.

Who is Tanya Kolchakova – Yaneva?

Tanya Kolchakova is the daughter of the first regional governor and mayor of Pazardzhik for the term 1999-2003 – Dr. Ivan Kolchakov and the head of the Resource Center in Pazardzhik – Gergana Kolchakova. As they say, her interest in politics arose from her earliest childhood. The family built a house in the modern district “Piskovets” during the term of Ivan Kolchakov, but it is neither the richest nor the most luxurious in Pazardzhik’s “Orange County”. Dr. Kolchakov took up the challenge to work in Sofia, and his wife Gergana can still be seen in our city today. Tanya Kolchakova is one of their two daughters. She is happily married and a mother of two children.

She was also a candidate for People’s Representative from the political party “We continue the change” in their lists from the previous elections, and for the locals she was in fourth position.

After graduating from the “Bertolt Brecht” language high school in Pazardzhik, he continued his education in Germany. She studied law at the Faculty of Law of the Heinrich Heine Universität, Dusseldorf, Germany, after which she obtained a BA in Economics and Finance from the same university, with part of her studies at the Grenoble École de Management, Grenoble, France. In parallel with his studies abroad, he graduated in law in Bulgaria, obtaining a master’s degree in law from the Faculty of Law of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

Her career started as an intern at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, continued in the finance department of one of the largest French banks, passing through the world headquarters of the leader in wholesale trade in international markets and ending in a Dutch holding company operating in the field of biotechnology and molecular diagnostics.

After 13 years abroad, he decided to return to Bulgaria, start a family and continue his professional development. He currently works as a software business analyst for an American IT company and is developing his own business.

“We are all products of our childhood. So if we want to have a better society tomorrow, the life and health, safety and security, education and development of every child must become a basic social responsibility of the state and society today.” says Tanya Kolchakova.

Who is Nayden Shopov?

Naiden Shopov is very well known to the Pazardzhik community, this is his fourth term in the municipal council. He is the regional chairman of GERB and develops his own business. He is the father of two children.

Nayden Shopov and his wife Sofia.

His political career rose together with the appearance of PP GERB on the political horizon of the country, he never had any other party affiliation. He was repeatedly part of the lists for people’s representatives in the parliamentary elections in the past years, but until now he has not been in the National Assembly. In his career development, he also ran for mayor of Pazardzhik in 2015, when he lost the runoff to Todor Popov. Nayden Shopov is a hereditary shopkeeper.

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