HOT ON PEAK TV! Peevski: DPS will have one chairman, he will be elected on February 24. Mr. Dogan has the flu (UPDATED/VIDEO)


The chairman of the PG of the DPS Delyan Peevski answered journalistic questions while the Central Council of the DPS was meeting in Sofia. This is happening after the resignation of Mustafa Karadayi and the return to the head of the party of the honorary chairman Ahmed Dogan, and his goal is to schedule a date for the reporting-election conference.

“Mr. Dogan, I cannot comment on him. I have already commented on the government,” he noted and explained that February 24 will be the National Conference.

“The deputy chairman and the chairman of the Youth Movement have been released,” he also stated.

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Asked why Ahmed Dogan did not attend the meeting of the Central Council today, Delyan Peevski answered: “Mr. Dogan has the flu and is at home.”

When asked by PIK TV who are the favorites for DPS chairman and whether he himself will run, he stated: “Yes, I am running. The delegates will decide when they appear at the congress. It will be an absolutely democratic, transparent election of the chairman of DPS. Every single member of the DPS can apply for this position”.

Peevski said, answering a question about whether the DPS will return to the plenary hall for the next parliamentary session: “Once we have said that we will enter the hall, then the Euro-Atlantic government is worth it.”

“DPS will have one chairman. Thank you,” Delyan Peevski said succinctly at the end of the short briefing.

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