The Ministry of Health appeals to hunters for assistance in the autumn vaccination of foxes against rabies


The Ministry of Agriculture and Food appeals to hunters for assistance in the autumn vaccination of foxes against rabies. We call upon shooting or finding the carcass of a fox or a jackal to be handed over to the State Forestry and Hunting Farms for subsequent control.

The provided carcasses are handed over with the preparation of a handover protocol and are paid according to Order RD 48-16 of the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry from 2021. The organization of storage and transport is carried out by the directors of the holdings. Information about these activities is entered in the “Hunting Module” mobile application.

The samples are taken by the Regional Directorates of Food Safety and sent for examination at the National Diagnostic Research Veterinary Medical Institute. Carcass handling should be carried out in strict compliance with safety measures. An official veterinarian should be notified when suspicious carcasses are discovered.

We expect that the Bulgarian hunters will once again be responsible and contribute to the control and eradication of Rabies in Bulgaria.

From November 4, the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency started the traditional autumn vaccination of foxes against rabies and will continue until the end of the month. The campaign is carried out by specially equipped aircraft and by hand. It covers the 50-kilometer zone along the northern, western, and southern land borders of the country, as well as the 20-kilometer zone along the Danube River, including a total of 23 districts.

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