The golden wave of success

The golden wave of success
The golden wave of success

Growth, of course, brings with it the need to hire staff. By the end of the year, the company plans to employ 200 people in the companies of the corporate group. The production internship program launched in the summer with students from TU – Sofia, Plovdiv branch, marks the beginning of the selection of personnel in the company.

The values

Company values ​​define the corporate culture, behind which the responsibility to customers and to society stands in the first place.

During the year, the company focused on the development of corporate social responsibility by donating collectible commemorative medals to various museums. “These are the silver medal “Vasil Levski – 150 years of immortality”, which we donated to 3 regional museums and the National History Museum. “Holy Mother of God”, which we donated to 2 monastery museums. We created especially for the festival “Station Street” which took place in September in Plovdiv, a festival medal with the same name in a circulation of 500 pieces, made of copper with a massive gold coating. One hundred percent of the sales of the medal are intended for the foundation “For our children”. So far, the foundation has received BGN 10,185 from the sale to 291 medals. The remaining 209 medals continue to be sold and the proceeds from them will again go to this foundation,” commented “Bulmint”.

Why invest in gold?

To explain why and how investment in gold and silver preserves savings, a number of phenomena must be traced, as well as political and economic events from the middle of the last century to the present day.

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