Borislav Mihailov: I will not resign today



Mihailov on his way out of KPCONPI.

Photo: BGNES

The president of the Bulgarian Football Union, Borislav Mihailov, stated that he will not resign today.

He made the statement after finishing his hearing at the Anti-Corruption Commission (KPCONPI) in Sofia.

Mihailov indicated that since the Football Union is a collective body, he will say next week whether he will resign as president of the BFS:

“I will not resign today. You will receive answers to all questions next week. We have a collective body that we will gather and to which I will tell what I will do. There you will receive answers to all questions, including financial ones, about the activities of the BFS” , Mihailov stated.

After testifying for over three hours, he succinctly explained what he was asked about:

“For such things that interest society and you (journalists) write them – financing, spending of funds, absolutely everything”.

He added that he does not feel guilty for what happened yesterday because UEFA is the organizer of the match and has decided that it should be without an audience.

“Of course I feel guilty, but for yesterday’s match I don’t feel any guilt because it is a UEFA match and UEFA decides where, when to play and whether it will be played with or without an audience.”

Author of the publication: Lyubomir Todorov

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