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Now it’s easy. After last night’s incomparable protest in Sofia, marked with blood, the echo of the revolt of football fans against BFS will give results. The end of this management of the BFS is already more and more clearly visible. The bad thing is that there will be those who hid and remained silent during the difficult and will come to the front line now as heroes – catalysts of the impending change. So let’s remember those who didn’t push themselves to step into the limelight when it was easy, but were the real rebels when others were silent.

One of the first football pioneers is from Varna. A former referee and current president of a futsal club, who already 12 years ago sought out Darik radio to talk about self-will in the BFS Varna football team, unreported gross violations after matches, as well as pressure on local referees. Martin Balulov was the first who dared to use his name and face on air to talk about the scandalous vote at the BFS congress: “”You go to the congress, there are 3 ballots – Bobi Mihailov, Lyubo Penev and a third person that no one even remembers what is it. You go in to vote, you cast one ballot, then on the way out you have to return the other two and show them to your “masters” to account: “..I didn’t deviate, I cast the correct ballot” . This is extremely democratic and in tune with all modern understandings. You enter with 3, you return 2″, he revealed at the time. Martin in a series of interviews sharply attacked the BFS over the years for the lack of attitude and total negligence towards futsal in our country. He insisted on the admission of club representatives to the futsal commission in order to the voice should be “heard”, and not “one uncle who will car and hang” be chosen.
He took risks, but he was brave. And his team was kicked out, but he never stopped rebelling, speaking with facts and naming the people in the BFS against whom he openly protested. He was the wake-up call, because he tried his best during those years to wake up those who also felt humiliated and damaged by the actions or inactions of our football union, but remained silent and lurking, listening for better times in which to rise, but when it becomes easy.

These words of his, in another interview with Darik, were apparently heard and provoked the awakening from deep sleep:
“I will compare the situation at the moment with the Turkish slavery. Most people kept their heads down, stayed warm and accepted the enslavers messing with them. There were also crazy heads who fought, read, revolted. Now , if you look back 200 years, you know who is what and who is declared a hero. I hope that in this case there are enough brave Bulgarians, representatives of football teams, who will fight to have a chance for change. Let’s gather courage , to have courage and ask for a congress”.

Marto, you are a worthy person because you were brave in the difficult. Such people deserve respect.

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