In the Administrative Court in Dobrich, a case was started against the election of the mayor of Dobrich

In the Administrative Court – Dobrich, the case was started on the appeal of the candidate for mayor from GERB, Krasimir Nikolov, against the results announced by the OIC after the mayoral runoff on November 5, when Yordan Yordanov was elected mayor.

The plaintiff, Krasimir Nikolov, appeared at the case with his lawyer Zlatina Moneva. With the claim that there were more votes than reported and because of the many scratches in the protocols, Nikolov contested them and demanded a new counting of the ballots from 19 election sections, due to suspicions of violations.

It was noted by the plaintiff that if violations were found in these 19 polling stations, a recount of the ballots from all 129 polling stations would be requested.

The OIC is represented in the case by two vice-presidents. These are lawyers Kalina Daskalova and Krasimir Milkov. They categorically contested the complaint as groundless. According to Adv. Daskalova, the alleged violations do not concern the voter’s vote.

Milen Yankov and Mihael Ignatov, representing the Local Coalition, which nominated the current mayor of Dobrich, Yordan Yordanov, appeared in the courtroom as lawyers for the defendant Yordan Yordanov. According to lawyer Yankov, there is no basis for a new counting of ballots and the verified data do not concern the election result. For 13 of the sections, he stated that there is absolutely no reason for a new count, and for the rest of the mentioned sections, the judgment must be made by the court.

Judge Nelly Kamenska stated that opening the ballot bags and counting them during the court session is not a violation. Because of the indicated deletions and corrections, although minimal and without much impact on the election result, she decided to allow counting in five of the 19 sections, and if there are enough violations, the others will be reviewed as well, as it is permissible to count ballots from all sections.

Ballot counting began during the meeting.


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