Where are the cheapest petrol and diesel in Bulgaria: Prices as of 17.11.23


There are no major changes in fuel prices this week.

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The gasoline

The most popular gasoline A-95N is sold at prices from BGN 2.43 to BGN 2.93/l.

Average prices, when it comes to the large retail chains, range from BGN 2.47 per liter to BGN 2.83 per liter.

It can be found at the lowest price at a gas station in Sofia – BGN 2.43, followed by two gas stations in Stara Zagora – BGN 2.45 each.

The highest price of gasoline is traded in Shabla – BGN 3.05, followed by gas stations in Cherven Bryag and Malko Tarnovo – BGN 2.98.

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The diesel

Diesel is priced between BGN 2.52 and BGN 3.06/l.

Average prices, when it comes to the big retail chains, range between BGN 2.62 per liter and BGN 2.89 per liter.

The lowest price of diesel can be found at two gas stations in Sofia – from BGN 2.52 and BGN 2.53, followed by a gas station in Beloslav – BGN 2.56.

The highest price was recorded again in Shabla – BGN 3.07, followed by Levunovo – BGN 3.06 and the village of Bata – BGN 3.05.

In Sofia

In Sofia, A-95N gasoline has the lowest price of BGN 2.43, and the most expensive is sold for BGN 2.93. Diesel in the capital has the lowest price of BGN 2.52 and the highest price of BGN 2.98.

Source: fuelo.net

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