Luis Diaz’s father: His dream is Barca – World football

Luis Diaz’s father: His dream is Barca – World football
Luis Diaz’s father: His dream is Barca – World football

Liverpool player Luis Diaz’s father Luis Manuel Diaz was overjoyed after his son scored both goals in Colombia’s 2-1 win over Brazil in a 2026 World Cup qualifier.

After the match, Diaz’s father spoke about his son’s performance, revealing also which team the footballer is a fan of: “The truth is that at this moment I know very little about Barcelona. It is true that Luis (Diaz) is a loyal follower of Barca and his dream would be to get there. I would like to thank Porto and Liverpool for the way they welcomed him and received him.”

“Luis is a player who easily wins things because of his lifestyle, his modesty, his work, he gives himself away, he is a very disciplined player, thank God.” there will be no problem if Luis goes to Barcelona because it is an elite team and it is among the best in the world,” Diaz’s father also said in an interview with “Win Sports”.

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