Daniel from “Games of the Will” climbs Everest base camp – Telegraph+

Daniel from “Games of the Will” climbs Everest base camp – Telegraph+
Daniel from “Games of the Will” climbs Everest base camp – Telegraph+


34-year-old Daniel Dimov is definitely one of the most colorful participants of the fifth season of “Games of Will”, which NOVA viewers follow with interest.

After leaving the show, Viking, as the agronomist is called because of his respectable height, haircut and blue eyes, is now ready with a new adventure. In May, he will attack Everest Base Camp. He told the Machkast team: “I’m about to climb Everest base camp. The top is quite a high bar, not so much physically, but financially, because it costs 80,000 euros to climb it. The ascent to the base camp will be in the month of May. I’m a fan of Nepal and a place I definitely want to visit.”


For “Games of Will”, he admits that the show opened his eyes, that he is ready for the social game, but he also met a lot of nice people. But also with many unpleasant ones. Games of the Will is a mirror of relationships beyond the show. It taught me to be more prepared and anticipate things.” He admits that one of the hardest moments was when Gatjo and Tsetso had to go to another tribe.

“They are like brothers to me. It’s a strange thing to say when we’ve only been together for 2 weeks. But 24 hours with a person is not like spending an hour or two with them. My second hardest moment was dropping out, of course.” They are friends with Gatto to this day. They hear each other almost every day, and when he returns from England, Danny will visit his aver in Plovdiv.

The 34-year-old man says that his life after the show has become very interesting. “At first it was a shock for me. It was strange. Sofia is a city of 3 million people, and I walk around as if I were in my hometown. “Hi Danny”, “How are you Danny”… It was weird at first, but now I enjoy it. I take pictures with anyone who wants. Because I’m also a fan of a lot of people and I want to have a picture with them.” Vikinga says that his favorites to win the Games are Denislava and Iva. “They are the most complex this season. Considering the fact that Iva is no longer in, Denislava has every chance to win.”


Daniel is one of the most memorable characters in the fifth season of “Games of the Will”, and his physique and 202 centimeters of height respect everyone. It wasn’t always like that, though. One of the most turning points in his life was 10 years ago when he weighed 150 kg. “I have been playing computer games since I was a child. As a student, my everyday life was one particular game – World of Warcraft. I was so addicted that I forgot to go to university for months. I was just playing and sending my friend to buy me food – sweet, soda and burgers.

I did not feel how at the age of 22-23 I was 150 kilograms. Yes, I’m tall, but 150 kilos is 150 kilos. I went to a doctor’s check-up. He told me, “Boy, you’re 23, but you have the metabolism of a 40-year-old man. If you don’t stop and pay attention, at 32-33 you have the prerequisites to get a heart attack and other diseases”. It was already obesity. I was quite scared as I didn’t feel like dying. Who’s dying? I stopped playing abruptly because of this I got this game tattooed all over my arm. Remember that you should not become addicted to such a game. It’s kind of a drug,” Danny is sincere.

He advises all gamers to know the limit and not to overdo computer games because it is dangerous for their health. He points to Stratimir Georgiev as his “saviour”, whose regime got him in shape. “I joined his regime and in 100 days I was able to transform my body from a tufflek to what I am now. However, he taught me how I can maintain it all year round to look good. I am grateful to have met him, he was also preparing me for Games of the Will.


Daniel admits that he sees himself as someone who has fulfilled most of his dreams. “I want to swim with sharks in Egypt. I am currently making contacts to be able to do so. I also want to jump with a parachute. I want to do everything I dreamed about before now. I want to meet the woman of my life. In 10 years, I want to be at least as happy as I am now,” says Vikinga and says that he has not stopped believing and searching for true love.

He is returning home after 13 years of living on the Island

This week, Daniel has taken an important step for himself – he is traveling to England to pack up and return to Bulgaria after 13 years of living on the Island.

“For me, England, I don’t want to say it’s a closed page, but I want to close it for now. I’m sick of it, I spent 13 years of my life there. London and England in general gave me a lot, but enough. My way is in Bulgaria. I am one of the Bulgarians who want to return to their homeland,” Dani told us.

Wrote a book in the style of Dan Brown

Daniel is extremely talented. In his business card it says that he wrote romance prose, probably inspired by his ex-wife.

However, he admits that he currently has no muse to write lyrics for. But he also betrays that he has written a book in the style of Dan Brown. He is also among his favorite authors. “From fiction, my favorite is Dan Brown. I have read all his novels. I have written a book similar to his, but I have not published it yet, because when I wrote it I did not have the opportunity to do so. Of the personal development books, the one that changed my life was New Earth. This book turned my worldview and outlook on life upside down. Also the book of Marcus Aurelius.

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