GERB will not support the vote of no confidence against the Denkov-Gabriel cabinet


“We do not evaluate this administration as an assembly, but as the only possible Euro-Atlantic one. The demonstration that the PP-DB voted with the BSP and Vazrazhdane is not in the favor of the Euro-Atlantic majority”. This was stated by the chairperson of the GERB-SDS parliamentary group Desislava Atanasova to BTV.

According to her, there is an option for GERB-SDS to be in the plenary hall and not support the vote of no confidence. GERB-SDS will not allow the only opportunity for a Euro-Atlantic majority to fall, but they will not allow someone with 30 people’s representatives to do what they want. Atanasova was categorical that the vote of no confidence against the government in the field of security and defense will not be supported.

A large part of the priorities of GERB-SDS have not been fulfilled – Bulgaria is not in Schengen and not in the Eurozone.

According to Atanasova, PP-DB are afraid of losing Lukoil. The partners in the government introduce bills to the parliament without notifying the others in the “non-coalition”, she is disappointed with the policy of the PP-DB. “Obviously, we are not partners with Kiril Petkov”, Desislava Atanasova pointed out.

Regarding the fans’ protest against the leadership of the Bulgarian Football Union (BFS), Atanasova said that the measures taken by the Metropolitan Municipality are insufficient and the fan protest should not have been allowed. It would have been better to judge whether there would be provocations or not during the protest. Regarding the resignation of Borislav Mihailov as head of the BFS, GERB had a clear political position when Boyko Borisov was prime minister and Krasen Kralev was minister of sports.

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Atanasova is sure that after what happened, the most normal thing is someone from the BFS to leave.

She also does not know whether the former prime minister and current leader of GERB Boyko Borisov will respond to the invitation of the mayor of Sofia, Vasil Terziev, for a meeting in the Sofia municipality. However, Atanasova was categorical that GERB in the Metropolitan Municipal Council will not support Boris Bonev for the chairman of the Municipal Council. Desislava Atanasova specified that in the second round of the local elections she supported Vasil Terziev, but if Vanya Grigorova had not been a BSP candidate for Bulgaria for the local elections, she would have supported her.

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Boris Bonev, nominated by the PP/DB/SS, and Diana Tonova from the BSP faced each other in a runoff.

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